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Traveling to Iran with Children; How to Prepare your Kids

Traveling to Iran with Children; How to Prepare your Kids
Photo by Amin Karimi | TasteIran

If you have got a child or children curious to know about history and diversity of culture, and nature while you are always interested to keep their wisdom on, you most probably are feeling joy discovering the world by their side throughout the pure sense of exploration of them, then welcome to the land of "yet to be explored" of the great emperors of Persia, once was stretched from far orients to high Occident lands.

This sounds like a great idea, a way to imprint invaluable memories on the mind of your children. Of course, when traveling with kids, you have to consider their own safety and comfort first. There are no needs to worry about safety, as Iran is among the safest destinations to travel to, even for solo women travelers. As a parent, your main concern will be to pay attention to the cars and motorcycles while walking on the sidewalks and crossing the streets.

Moreover, Iranians value family a lot and thus children are dearly loved and pampered (especially babies!), so there is no doubt that local people will behave more than friendly toward your entire family. You will certainly have a lot of compliments about them, with people demonstrating their affection.

Unique experiences of children in Iran
Unique experiences of children in Iran, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Choose the best time to travel with your kids

As for your family comfort, traveling throughout Iran shouldn’t be complicated for any of you. VIP Buses, in particular, are very comfortable and should be an exciting experience for your kid. You can also choose the plane to save time, as traveling by air is really easy and cheap in Iran.

Although the annual average of precipitation in Iranian plateau is low, but the west and north band of it experience pleasant mild climate as the result of being at vicinity of two major mountains of Alpine Himalayan belt.  So officially Iran lives 4 seasons with its numerous high mountains and vast barren wilderness to serve travelers with snow and sand along the land area of 1,648,195 km².

In summer time when the schools are closed for almost 3 months, Iranian families start the second round of their travels (after 13 day vacation of Nowruz) to enjoy it to the full with children all free. Only from the late July till late August the weather from the central part down is going to reach intolerable high temperature. At the same time most of hotels and traditional guesthouses offer a fair discount during summer time and it can be an opportunity for travelers. Check out the article about the best time to visit Iran  and the article about Iran Climate, in order to choose your desirable time to trip in Iran.

How to dress children in Iran?

You already know that Iran has a specific dress-code to respect, in particular for women. These latter must wear hijab and cover some parts of their body, while men officially don't wear short pants and tank-top shirts. If you’re not familiar with it, please check our article to learn what to wear in Iran. But what are the rules concerning children? Actually, there is none. Kids are not supposed to wear hijab or cover their body the way adults must do.

Children dress code in Iran
Children dress code in Iran, Negar Najafian | TasteIran

Finding foods for babies and children in Iran

You can easily find foods and various products in hypermarket and pharmacies, such as baby cereals, baby formula, and other baby care especially in big cities. Regarding fresh milk, you will find it pretty much at every market, small or big. But if your child is used to a specific product consider bringing some with you if you can.

Note that restaurants in Iran usually don’t have a children menu, especially those serving traditional foods. However, you will for sure find so many dishes to delight your kids in the menu, or you can always opt for restaurants serving pizzas, pasta, burgers, and fries.

Are there any public baby-changing rooms in Iran?

It’s really easy to find a public room for changing your baby, wherever you might be in Iran. There are frequent in malls, metro stations, railways, restaurants, etc. However, most of them are meant for women, when there are not located inside the ladies’ lavatory, which might make it harder for a father to take care of it.

What do you experience out of family trips in Iran

A variety of new things, warmhearted people, different natures and a world of communication with different ethnic groups live in one land with more than 10 various languages and traditions and being witness to the imposing world heritages listed in UNESCO are all waiting for the subtle touch of your presence in Iran.

Traveling to Iran as a family with kids
Traveling with kids, Negar Najafian | TasteIran

Don’t forget the visa

Whatever their age, children also need a valid passport, a visa, and travel insurance to travel to Iran. To take care of all the procedure for you and your family, don’t hesitate to contact us.

With few preparations and information, there is no doubt your entire family will enjoy their discovery of the great land of Persia. It might require some extra energy while crossing the street and facing crowded places such as Tehran Grand Bazaar, but with a good organization, it will offer you and your children one of your best holiday experiences.

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