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Chinese Can Enter Iran without a Visa (July 2019)

Chinese Can Enter Iran without a Visa (July 2019)
Photo by Lingling Zhang | TasteIran

It's good news for Chinese citizens. They are now among the nationalities which can visit Iran without a visa. Along with Armenia, Syria, Turkey, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Bolivia, Lebanon, Serbia, Egypt, Malaysia and Venezuela, China has reached an agreement with Iranian authorities on visa procedure.

An increasing number of Chinese visitors have come to discover Iran these past years, and this new measure aims at facilitating their venue. According to the Iranian news agency IRNA, 52.000 Chinese citizens have visited Iran during these past 12 months.

Full details of the agreement with China haven't been released yet, but usually, the procedure for visa-free entry is relatively simple. Visitors are only required to have a valid passport and can stay between 15 and 90 days, depending on their citizenship.

Increase the attractivity of Iran

Earlier this month, the Iranian government spokesman, Ali Rabiei, has confirmed that visitors to Iran will no longer have their passport stamped. It allows tourists to bypass the potentials restrictions of the United-States after their trip to Iran.

All these measures are intended to increase the attractivity of Iran to foreigners. With many historical sites and plenty of natural wonders, Iran is already a popular destination for many foreigner visitors. According to official statistics, about 7,8 million visitors came to Iran in 2019, an increase of 52,5% from the previous year.

If you are one of the citizens who needs visa to enter Iran, request your Iran visa online here.

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