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Iran Tourist Card

Prepaid debit travel card for travelers in Iran

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Registration Fee€20.00
Iran Tourist Card | Prepaid debit travel card for tourists of Iran

Regular bank and credit cards won't work in Iran.  This leaves you with two choices - carry cash or get a local credit card.   Carrying cash is always a risk and if you need to carry enough for your whole holiday then it's not ideal.  Because of this I applied for a tourist card and highly recommend it.  It's accepted everywhere that accepts cards, you can use it to withdraw cash at any ATM fee free and you get a fair exchange rate too.  
The app is really easy to use and you can check your balance at any time and it sends you an alert confirming each transaction that you make.


Anthony Wollett from Australia

It's impossible to pay in Iran with your credit card. And It would not be easy to carry your whole budget with you. Iran Tourist Card is a prepaid debit card that you can charge everywhere anytime online or with cash and use in any POS and ATM machine with no additional fee. TasteIran Tourist Card is provided in partnership with DaricPay and Tejarat Bank of Iran.

Easy to use!

  • - Register online easily.
  • - Receive your card at your first staying anywhere in Iran.
  • - You can charge your account online or with cash at our IKA counter and or your place of stay with the best rate of the free market

Safe and Supportive!

  • - Use your Iran travel card on every ATM and POS machine with no additional fees.
  • - There are 274 bank branches all over the country that can reissue your tourist card immediately if necessary.
  • - 24/7 multi-language support is accessible via our website, application, phone, email and WhatsApp.

Fees & charges

Service Fee
Card issuance, delivery, and customer support 20 EUR
Purchase, ATM withdrawal, transaction, cash out, card to card transfer Free of commission
Loading card with cash Free of commission
Loading card – online method 7% of loaded amount


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