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Qeshm & Hormuz, the Taste of Southern Iran

Qeshm & Hormuz, the Taste of Southern Iran

Qeshm Tour | Experience local life and activity of Qeshm Island

2 Days and 1 night
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It seems hard for most travellers to expect Iran to have islands with eye-catching scenery of land formations and rich culture to explore. Join TasteIran Qeshm expedition from the far coasts in the Persian Gulf where sailors and fishers marked unexpected tales to the ever-green forests of mangrove trees that have risen upon the saltwater. Experience the ultimate spirit of Iran's south islands through local activities, rare wildlife, and exceptional seafood cuisines.

What you experience
  • The cultural and natural geological attractions of the largest island of Iran

  • The only UNESCO Global Geopark in the Middle East by Persian Gulf

  • Having The unprecedented taste of Bandari culinary with local cuisines and deserts

  • Learning special needlework- Golabaton brocade-woven of local craftswomen

  • Fishing in the Persian Gulf with an interesting old method named Heder

  • Visit building workshop of the Iranian Lenj boat and try the process of building

  • Mud bathing in the Harra forest

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner
  • Accommodation: 1 night in a traditional homestay in Qeshm
  • Transportation: To and back from Qeshm airport or Qeshm harbour and all transports during the 2-day tour
  • Other Services: English spoken local guide, speedboat to Hengam Island, riding on the lenj with coffee and snacks on the lenj's deck for the group of 8 to15
  • Not included: Cost of Lenj riding in Harra forest for 1-7 pax, live music performance, mud bath, visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights ,Tips (Optional), extra services not indicated in the itinerary, meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary, entry fees, Cost of medical immunizations, phone calls
  • Thin jacket and warm clothing
  • Extra shoes or sandals
  • Water bottle
  • Sunglasses and cap

The largest Iranian Island and the mere global Geopark of the Middle East

Qeshm Island is known as the capital of Iran's geotourism with outstanding geosites in each corner of the big Island. Along with the cultural heritage of the area, the main attraction of Qeshm owes to erosion. It is the land of erosion that seems very similar to Mars in the opinion of visitors who arrive at it for the first time.

Star valley Qeshm Geopark
The unprecedented landscape of otherworldly land formations, Daisy Lorenzi | TasteIran

Once you put step on the Island, you feel like you landed on the location of the Mad Max movie with the landscape of the blue sea at the rear. The view of wind catchers having the turquoise sea inthe background is going to remark in your memory for a considerable period. Qeshm Island owns unique beauty in each season, yet it has always preserved a new thing to surprise visitors with.

Laft harbour and wind catchers
Laft village and its skyline of wind-catchers, Daisy Lorenzi | TasteIran

First to see is one of the most cryptic sites of the UNESCO Global Geopark, the Star Valley.  Locals have hundreds of tales to tell you about the passing spirits at night in it. Delve into the valley, know the reality behind the emersion of this phenomenon.

After visiting the Geo –centre of the global geopark, we will drive to the west of the Island to explore Chahkooh Valley or the mountain of wells which is the fruit of rain erosion. The few first steps of the path are wide, and green trees randomly bedecked the valley but later on, you will encounter high narrow notches that seem to be going to reach each other. Locals used to dig wells in the heart of this valley to supply their needs with the stored water of these wells.

Qeshm Chahkooh canyon
Chahkooh canyon owns water wells, Daisy Lorenzi | TasteIran

The taste of seafood and local cuisine

Welcome to the paradise of spices and seafood originates from the native culture and is made by Bandari women first hand. Enjoy this two-day Persian cuisine feast and companionship of local women to get familiar with the culinary style of southern parts. Learn to bake special bread of Hormuzgan province named Tamoushi and all about popular south spices with their secret structures. Taste the south spicy cuisines for all the meals unique to any part of the country that makes your taste buds crave even after leaving the south.

Seafoodparadise in Qeshm Island
The taste of savoury seafood in Qeshm, A. Pozan | TasteIran

South local activities 

During two days of the trip, you will touch the sense of crafts and culture not only enjoy an original blend of traditions but also bring about more connection and sense. You will learn about Lenj construction, the craft which is built with ancient methods. Then you will ride on one of the small lenjes called Tar Tari in the harra forest while enjoying local Halva dessert, date palm and special coffee on the deck. We will walk through the vast forest or take the mud-bath in the mangrove forest.

Fishing with traditional method in Qeshm Island
Fishing with the local fishers in Qeshm, A. Pozan | TasteIran

Leave your imagination surf while doing needlework in a small village and bake Tamoushi bread without the modern oven but with the vivid flames in Laft village.

Fishing with a traditional technique is finally the best this tour has to offer! Take the vantage of experiencing fishing with an exciting method named Heder with the guidance of a professional fisherman in the Persian Gulf. Go for it. Make your south memory.

Tamoshi traditional bread in Qeshm
Baking traditional bread in the village, A. Pozan | TasteIran

Hengam, the playground of friendly dolphins 

Riding on a speedboat from Shib Deraz harbour, we move from Qeshm to the neighbour island, Hengam, which is the only place that bottlenose dolphins live. After watching playful dolphins, we go to the shore to visit Hengam Island vibrant life. Kids play on the beach and local women wearing Burqa on their faces cook Samosa with different flavours and spices. It is an excellent chance to communicate with people and do some shopping from their handmade crafts, which are made by seashells.

Hengam nosebottle dolpins
The friendly dolphins of Hengam Island, Daisy Lorenzi | TasteIran

Brief Itinerary


Pick up from Qeshm harbour or airport at 8:00 in the morning. Embark on the road straight to the Geosite of the mysterious star valley. Riding on a speedboat and visiting Hengam Island and the bottlenose dolphins. Visiting Chahkooh valley and learning how to do needlework on brocade fabrics in the village nearby. Catch the sunset over the houses' roofs of Laft harbour, learn to bake traditional bread. Finally, the first day comes to an end with a toothsome local dinner and peaceful sleep in a traditional lodge.

Guran harbour and lenj boat
The imposing lenj boat in Guran harbour, Qeshm, A. Pozan | TasteIran


Start the day with the scenery of the sunrise over the beach. Having a complimentary organic breakfast, we hit the road to Gouran village to begin a venture to sail. Visiting the Lenj workshop, we will be riding a medium-size lenj boat through the Harra marine forest. Walk in the forest or try a mud bath if you wish. Then we will go fishing with local fishermen in Gouran which depends on the tide period. After lunch and rest the tour is going to finish, and you will be dropped at the airport or Qeshm harbour if you don't plan to stay on the Island.

mud bath in Harra forest in Qeshm
Mud bath in Mangrove forest, A. Pozan | TasteIran

Important Note: 

  • live music performance in the lenj and mud bath in marine Harra forests cost are not included. You may book these activities beforehand.
  • Riding on a Tar Tari lenj and catering onboard in Harra forest is applicable for the group of 8 to 20, for less than 8 pax the cost of this package is on the tourists.
No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.