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Walking Tour in Ardakan, the Little Greece

Walking Tour in Ardakan, the Little Greece

Travel to the city of underground qanats and elevated wind towers

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Travel to Ardakan, to the legacy of adobe architecture from water tunnels underground to the height of wind-catchers. It is the largest country of Yazd province that awaits you with the most intact mud-brick attractions and delicate taste of local food and sweets.

This walking tour can make you needless to visit Yazd city, you can take the vantage of spirited historic quartiers which have kept their gentility preserved. Get to feel the genius of desert residents by visiting the ancient system of Qanat. Walk up to the largest horizontal badgirs to catch the imposing landscape of the earthen territory.

What you experience
  • Enjoy locally produced breakfast at a beautiful historical mansion

  • Walking tour through the narrow alleyways and hundred-year-old houses

  • Explore the widest wind catchers in the world

  • Visit the childhood house of the former president of Iran

  • Getting to know and walk in the ancient underground Qanat system

  • Wander through the crafts shops in Charsoogh (intersection) bazaar of Ardakan

Location & Paths
  • Meals: Local breakfast and lunch, Iranian tea with local sweets and herbal tea
  • Transportation: This tour designed as a walking tour
  • Other services: English speaking tour guide, entry fee to all historical sightseeing mentioned in the itinerary
  • Excluded: Visa and travel insurance, Tips (optional), Personal belonging, Plans not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Sunscreen
  • Walking shoes
  • Water bottle

The holy land of Ardakan

From the past to the present, Ardakan has always been a knowledge-raising matrix for Iranian scholars, scientists and astronomers since the 13th century. Muhammad Mofid Bafqi reports in his book The Jame’e Mofidi that Ardakan was called little Greece among elite society in the 17th century. The appellation of this city is defined with two words; Ard means “sacred” and kan refers to” mine” or “place” together means The Sacred Land.

 It is the biggest county in Yazd province, 60 km to the North of Yazd city. A pilgrimage centre which drags thousands of Zoroastrians around the globe annually to gather in its holy shrines including Pir-e Sabz Chek Chek. 

Ardakan roofed alleyways
Ardakan has the most intact adobe architecture in Yazd province, Samaneh Mehdi Zadeh | TasteIran

Ardakan is well known for its wind catchers, which bring the cool breeze of the north towards this part of Iran. Ardakan is surrounded by mountain ranges and Pistachio farms and numerous mines in the neighbouring area. The narrow alleyways of Ardakan and earthy clay-based architecture of the city, traditional bazaars, mosques, public bathhouses and historical mansions are Ardakan’s must-see spots.

The old mud-brick mansion in Ardakan city
The peace and patience of Ardakan old houses, Samaneh Mehdi Zadeh | TasteIran

The great museum of mud-clay

Ardakan locates in the centre of Iran, well-protected from the borders' hazards on the intersection of the north to the south and west to the east. One has to explore Ardakan by walking through its beautiful alleyways step by step, breath in the fresh air and appreciate the beauty of this town. A visit to Ardakan, a historical city with clay dwellings scattered across the city, could become the most memorable part of your travel to the province of Yazd. Ardakan, a deserted town facing North, is full of the spirit of life. From walking inside an ancient Qanat path to exploring the heights of wide wind catchers, Ardakan has kept its historical heritage and authenticity throughout history. 

qanat underground alleys in Adakan city
Adventure under the ground in the Qanat tunnel ways of Ardakan, Samaneh Mehdizadeh | TasteIran

Brief itinerary 

In the morning at 8:30, we get to enjoy a locally prepared breakfast at a 300 years old historic mansion in the heart of the old mud-brick district of Ardakan city. After breakfast, our walking tour through the narrow alleyways begins. We get to visit mud-brick dwellings, historic mansions and ancient cisterns, which have interesting stories behind them. The awnings above the narrow alleys are smart structures that provide shelter from the sun. These functional structures are called Sabat by locals.

The bazaar of Ardakan used to be the most extended clay structure in South of Iran. Passing through the bazaar and breathing in the great smell of Ardakan sweets and pastry, we reach the Qanat irrigation system of underground water reservoirs. Hearing stories about the hardship the locals endured to extract water from kilometres under the ground to give life to the deserted and dry town of Ardakan is incredible. We get to access the nine-meter-deep underground reservoirs of qanat through the stable of a historic house. Wandering through the 1000 years old qanat is the most exciting part of this tour being conducted in the tunnels beneath the ground.

Charsough bazaar of Ardakan
Ardakan, the city of scientists and scholas, Samaneh Mahdizadeh | TasteIran

 Visiting a living qanat and getting to know the technique of building its structure, while trekking a safe path back to our residence is accompanied by having local food with a lovely local couple. 

Afterwards, we get to visit some of the broadest wind catchers in the world and enjoy the refreshing cool breeze over the town, as we say farewell and end our short, sweet journey in Ardakan at around 3:00 pm. 


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