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Isfahan Local Food Tour

Isfahan Local Food Tour

Learn and cook Persian food in a local food tour and celebrate your Iranian food party

4 Hours
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Isfahan in the Islamic architecture, exceptional crafts and original anthropology is exemplary. It is Iran’s top tourist destination that no one can betake visiting its gems. But having to feel this 400-year Safavid’s legacy is incomplete if there is no taste involved with the experience.  Cheer up your soul and tastebuds after visiting tile mosaics of Sheikh Lotfollah mosque when the sunlight scatters the calligraphic tiles of it, and before sitting under the arcades of the Khaju bridge while listening to the people singing with a tasty afternoon in a beautifully-decorated house where you can learn and cook several Persian meals and delicious desserts in the company of a local Esfahani lady to set a feast table of your favourite.

What you experience
  • Learn and cook Iranian cuisines and four main dishes

  • Take food party with home made desserts and celebrate locally

  • Take the recipe of your Persian food feast to use a life time

Location & Paths
  • Meals: 1 Dinner or lunch, side dishes, Persian brewed tea and home made dessert
  • Other services: English speaking chef guide, all ingredients, cooking utensils, written recipes of dishes made in class, flexible time after dinner and dessert
  • Not Included: Transportation to the class location and back, the service of a translator for any other language than English (the class is conducted in English), any extra meals or extra visits
  • If you follow a special diet like keto, or you are a vegetarian, let us know beforehand to arrange you a feast you wish for.
  • Being a foodie and picnic fan

The food culture of Iran is endeared by travellers globally from past to present for good reasons. It is a diversity of tastes and recipes which kept their spirit during the long history of the great Persia even though the rulers and monarchies have come and gone. Still, the roots of the Iranian cookery are yet unblemished. 
In the afternoon visit your host, who is a home-trained chef with over a decade of background in operating cooking tours and classes for tourists in her cosy house in the city. Foreign tourists who thrive on knowing the secrets and intricacy of the Persian kitchen through experiencing it with locals take the best souvenir from Isfahan which are techniques of Iranian cooking.

Esfahan food tour
Persian food tour in Esfahan, Amedeo Beltrame  | TasteIran

Cook in the local style

First, you will be introduced to the Persian and in detail with Isfahani culinary and cuisines while being taught the essence of an Iranian kitchen by cooking top national dishes of Iran with the guidance of the chef and written recipes which you will take away with you from the class. The chef buys all the fresh ingredients from the local market before the class. So, roll up your sleeves and indulge in the smells, flavours, spices and seasonings which blend with the best techniques.

Iranian food table
The table is ready with all the tastes and colours to enjoy | TasteIran

The Esfahani food party

Cooking the food and one special dessert, and a side dish and soft beverages, it is time for setting the table in a way that Persians do. Decorate the table with the Esfahan’s Ghalamkar table cloth and handmade ceramic and pottery wares then serve the dish in the copper platters. Now all together enjoy the colourful magic you have made. But don’t get entirely full, because the Persian feast is not over yet. Wait for a pleasant chat and soiree that the well-brewed Iranian tea and homemade dessert has to offer to complete your food party.

Esfahan cooking class
Esfahani food party after the cooking class, unknown | TasteIran

This cooking tour has a flexible time schedule based on your desire. We can also provide you with lunch based food tour and cooking class and even with your required menu if you are a vegetarian or following any specific diet.  


Brief Itinerary:

In the evening at 5 P.M. visit your chef guide at her cosy house in the city. After a short introduction and warm-up, you go to the kitchen with the host and start the magic work of cooking the main dishes and side dish and one dessert according to the recipe and food guide. Cooking takes almost 2 hours, then you set the table and decorate dishes over the table begins the feast by eating and talking about experiences relevant and irrelative. After dinner, you gather for tea and homemade dessert in a friendly atmosphere of the house until saying goodbye to the host and leave while your taste buds still hanker for more tastes of this experience.


No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.