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Live with Persian Nomads in Zagros Mountains

Live with Persian Nomads in Zagros Mountains

Iran Nomad Tour | Live some days with Persian Nomads in Zagros Mountains

2 Days and 1 night
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Iran is rich for having different tribes of nomads inside it. Every tribe has got a distinct language or accent, ritual and custom, migration range and other traditions for themselves. You are going to experience the life style which is basically the initial manner of living of prime societies in the world in the most intact way of it in Iranian plateau. The context itself is odd and unrivaled to touch and Explaining about this experience is incomplete by words but you may find the sense of how it can be with reading highlights of this journey supplement by photos and videos. Beyond anything we tell you over this experience, the important point is to give yourself in the hand of stream of nomadic life and how they deal with nature surrounding all around. Nothing is changed or being decorated where you experience nomad life in a short stay of you, but everything is in the way nomads themselves live it to be authentic with at least manipulated experience.

What you experience
  • Being the intimate guest of Qashqai nomad family at southwest Iran base in Zagros Mountains range

  • Experience a life manner with all the material and tools made from nature directly and by hand

  • Getting familiar with the reputable small herbal drugstore of tribe

  • Listening to the original caressing stories of nomads and getting drowned into the ear-catching memories

  • Strolling in vast pristine nature of Zagros with the pure air and pleasant weather

  • Hiking in untouched regions of Zagros Mountains

  • Sleeping in the house made of black goat's wool (Chador shab), by nomad women that is water and windproof

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Jun 29th
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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 1 Breakfast, 2 Lunches,1 Dinner
  • Accommodation: 1 Night Siyah chador (Nomad tent)
  • Transport: Land rover (Pazhan) pick up from main road at nearest region to nomad settlement and drop you in the same location
  • Other Services: English spoken nomad guide, bottled water, campfire tea, sleeping sheets, blanket and pillow, Communal camping restroom and bathroom in settlement, Solar power is provided for charging cell phone and other devices as a facility
  • Warm clothes
  • Appropriate shoes for trekking

As the biggest tribe of Fars province and second populous tribal union of Iran, Qashqai tribe consists of five clans speak in Turkish language very similar to Azerbaijani Turkish.  While there are several opinions regarding their racial roots, according to a creditable view the Qashqai tribe possesses white race specificities that only their language had been changed as a result of Turkish spoken tribes' presence.

Follow the stream of Qashqai lifestyle by:

Learning how to turn on the fire with the woods you collected from hillside of mountain and keep the fire on for cooking, making tea and heat

Getting to know about interesting Seasonal activities in different regions of Yeylagh (region of warm season) and Gheshlagh (region of cold season) through migration of tribes

Observing the fauna giving birth if you be lucky enough

A normal activity in nomad life is to help herd to give birth the lambs
Twins just born in Ashayer with the help of tribe fellow, Amin Karimi |TateIran

Learning how to Milk the goats' and sheep milk

Separating baby sheep and goats from their mothers in order to save the milk for products

Helping the baby sheep and goats find their mothers to be fed with the milk of them (sometimes the number of babies is a lot and they can not find their moms quickly)

 Nomad baby goats waiting for their mothers back from pasture to feed with fresh milk
Waiting for time of feeding, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Drinking fresh dairy and milk, yogurt, cheese and Dough and learn to make whey from milk of goat and sheep

Training to bake bread over fire that is set by your effort in the company of a nomad mother who is expert in making fire

The nomad mother making bread over wood stove in pure nature of Zagros range
One never can forget the taste of this bread made over wood stove in Ashayer, Amin Karimi | TateIran

Gathering and soiree around fire with members of tribe, listening to the locals singing folk Turkish songs

Being a junior shepherd, learn to pasture herds in mountain and meadows in the company of professional herder

Nomad like depends on livestock
Time for pasture in Qashlaq, being a shepherd like a tribe herder, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Trying the taste of cuisines with simple ingredients cooked over wood stove will be staying in your dreams and the heat of this food warms your memory

Simple but out-of-world tasty food with nomads of Fars
The out-of-world plate of food with savory company of Qashqai nomads, Hanie Rahmati | TateIran

Making butter and whey and yogurt using a special technique merely belongs to nomads in Iran, using goatskin (Mashk in local language) to pour the milk in it and hang mask on a three-legged holder of wood (names Malar), churning Mashk until the butter and yogurt get separated from each other.

Learning the songs of churning from nomad women and try singing while doing butter in goatskin

Nomad woman has a special place close to fire like the goddess of life
Wood stove food in tribe and the special place of Qashqai woman beside fire like a goddess of affection, Amin Karimi | TateIran

Shearing goats and sheep's wool and you will realize how naughty they are when time of trim comes

Enjoying Qashqai singing and in times of ceremonies or wedding, special dance of tribe

Taking part in a charming wedding ceremony of Qashqai that you will never forget its memory, special dance with local Qashqai singing and instruments, loads of colorful dresses bedeck the land among mountains, many siyah chadors (black goat's wool tents) sitting in a set, tasty dishes from the fresh meat that are from sheep and goats which are butchered the same moment of party, and being amazed by the numerous guests usually more than 1000!(This highlight needs coordination to set time)

The wedding of Qashqai nomads full of colors and songs
Qashqai wedding feast in the name of beauty and authenticity, Bahman Mardanloo | TasteIran

Being in the most important and big event of nomads, the migration to Yeylagh (summer countryside) or Gheshlagh (Cold seasons). Participate with them in wrapping up the whole living stuffs and gathering livestock, preparing for a 500km journey to south or north parts of province in Zagros range by walk, of course if you really into tasting nomads' migration and its challenges after all

Learning to weave rugs and different handmade handicrafts according to the nomadic method with their exclusive tools of weaving and beautiful patterns that are inspired from the nature, fauna and flora

Living a couple of days with Qahqai nomads of Iran in Fars province
Observing merely can't give you the taste of nomadic style, get into the sence, Amin Karimi | TasteIran


Washing livestock in the river and cutting the wool off them, Lunch with the team of barbers

Bringing water from lake or river near to the tents and wood by donkey

Wearing local clothes and accessories for men and women

Enjoying absolute dark sky at night with no light pollution

Riding horses (needs coordination with operator)

Riding bike in nature and tents' district


No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.