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About IranAbout Iran & 2 More
Travel to Iran: Top Experiences You Should not Miss While Visiting Iran

Iran has so many wonders to offer the traveler! From the mysterious charm of its ancient sites to its warm-hearted people, Iran is not just a country to visit, but more readily a place to experience!

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About IranAbout Iran & 2 More
UNESCO’s World Heritage Sites in Iran

As a cradle of civilization, Iran greatly enriches the UNESCO World Heritage List with its exceptional cultural and natural sites. This list features places that are considered as a remarkable accomplishment of humanity.

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About IranAbout Iran & 2 More
Iran Among the New York Times Best Destination to Visit in 2019

This is one of the most famous and influential travel bucket lists: "The 52 Places to Go in 2019" is the New York Times' recommendations for intrepid travelers. This year, the respected newspaper has chosen to include Iran among the destinations that should definitely be visited.

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Public Holidays in Iran: What and When? (2019 Calendar)

Did you know that Iran is the country with the highest number of public holidays over the world? About 25 days are off each year, most of them related to Shia Muslim celebrations.

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Before TravelingAbout IranSurvival TipsBefore Traveling, About Iran, Survival Tips & 2 More
What is the Best Time to Visit Iran?

Iran is a land of contrasts and extremeand the good news is that Iran is a 4-season country and it all depends on your taste!

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About IranAbout Iran & 2 More
Top Things to Do in Tehran

During their journey to Iran, lots of visitors tend to skip Tehran or spend only a few time in Iran's capital. What a pity!

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Survival TipsAbout IranSurvival Tips, About Iran & 2 More
The Best Souvenirs to Buy in Iran

From spices to fabrics and copper, there is a huge variety of souvenirs to bring back home with you. In order to help you make your choice, here are the best handicrafts and souvenirs from Iran.

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