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  • What do you exactly do?

    At TasteIran, we help visitors from all over the world to find unique experiences in Iran. We are constantly looking for the best local providers, to offer a large range of authentic experience throughout the country. On the other hand, we support local and small partners by promoting their activities and sharing the stories behind their customs. Our priority is to ensure the development of sustainable tourism in Iran, respectful of the different cultures and people, while being concerned with nature and eco-tourism. We believe that the best way for the visitors to experience Iran is to share the real daily lives and traditions of locals, while in return, having a direct positive impact on nature and society (read our story here).

  • What kind of services do you offer to tourists?

    Our core mission is to offer you unforgettable experiences. That’s why we have selected rare and high-quality tours throughout Iran, most of which can hardly be found in the usual offer to Iran. On our website, you have the choice between short experiences (walking tours in old neighborhoods, cooking workshops,etc.) as well as longer ones (biking tour, desert trekking, etc.).

    Besides the trips, our goal is also to raise awareness about the ancestral culture of Iran through the unheard stories of places, landmarks, and traditions.

    Finally, to help visitors planning their trips, we provide all the necessary information and good to knows such as visa, transportations, money and exchange, must-see places, cultural tips, and are here to help you to get through all sort of procedures. For instance, we book flights and accommodations for tourists and take care of the visa procedure for Europeans, and also for American, Canadian and British citizens.

  • What are the payment methods?

    We are offering an online secure payment service for those who want to pay online in advance. We accept credit cards from various providers (Visa, MasterCard). Moreover, we accept PayPal and bank transfers. To do so, please send us an email to to help you proceed the payment. It is also possible to pay in cash (euros and dollars) at your arrival in Iran.

  • Is it possible to refund / cancel a purchase?

    Some services in TasteIran are refundable. To know more about our cancellation policy read our terms and conditions. In order to cancel any service please contact and we will guide you through the proceeding refund process.

  • Is it safe to travel to Iran?

    According to independent experts of "International SOS" in their 2019 Travel Risk Map, Iran has been rated as one of the safest countries to travel. This study considers several criteria such as terrorism, unrest, crimes, and point out that risks for travelers in Iran are "low" (read this article about safety in Iran).

  • When is the best time to visit Iran?

    Iran is a land of four seasons, displaying the best nature has to offer from hot desert to snowy mountains. You can enjoy Iran in every season (read about top experiences you should not miss when traveling to Iran). However, the best time to appreciate all parts of the country are usually during spring (March, April, May) and fall (September, October). Traveling to the south coast of Iran is recommended during winter, to appreciate warm weather. The north of Iran is colder and more humid, thus it’s a perfect destination for the hot months of summer.

  • Is it possible for US, UK, CA citizens to visit Iran?

    Most foreign citizens can easily obtain a Visa on Arrival to visit Iran (read this article). Unfortunately, this procedure is not possible for Americans, British, and Canadians. However, the citizens of these three countries can also visit Iran, following a specific procedure to obtain a 10-days or 30-days visa (read this article). They are required to contact an official guide, who will apply for the visa on their behalf. Americans must be guided by specific guides, allowed to organize the trips of US citizens in Iran. As we are working with several official guides for these three nationalities, we can help you to get your visa and organize your trip to Iran. Simply contact us at

  • Can I use my credit card during my trip to Iran?

    Visa and Mastercard credit cards cannot be used during your stay in Iran. It means that you must come with the necessary amount in cash (euros and dollars are recommended). However, it exists credit cards for tourists issued by Iranian banks, which will allow you to pay by credit card during your trip (read this article). Furthermore, you can pay in advance the experiences and other services (flights, accomodations, etc.) on our website TasteIran.

  • Can we travel to Iran as an unmarried couple?

    Iran is a perfect destination for couples, whether you are married or not. In most of cases, the restrictions concerning unmarried couples don’t apply to non-Iranians. In theory, unmarried couples cannot share a hotel room for instance, but it’s almost never the case for tourists (read this article).

  • Can I use the Internet on my phone during my trip to Iran?

    The 4G and 3G coverages in Iran are good in most places, and WiFi is available in every hotel as well as most cafes. Buying a local SIM card is really easy and cheap (read this article). Note that the Internet in Iran is filtered and you may need a VPN to access to some websites or application freely. Once again, this is very easy and common (find all the information in this article).

  • Is it complicated to travel to Iran during Nowruz, the Persian New Year?

    Nowruz’s celebrations are one of the best things to experience during your trip to Iran. Usually, holidays start five to seven days before the New Year’s Eve, which occurs on March 21th, and is followed by two official weeks of holidays. Therefore, and thanks to favorable weather, it is considered as the high season. However, there are no specific difficulties to travel to Iran during that time, as shops and all touristic attractions remain open.

  • Can I travel to Iran during Ramadan?

    The Ramadan, which usually takes place in May (the exact time varies each year), is a holy month for Muslims during which they fast: believers do not eat food nor drink during the day. As Iran is a Muslim country and an Islamic Republic, this customs are followed in public places. There is nothing to worry for tourists, who are not submitted to those rules and can find food and drinks in most places. On the contrary, visiting Iran during Ramadan is a unique opportunity to participate in local customs.

  • I am a foreign tour guide / travel agency. How can we work together?

    As an independent platform providing authentic experiences in Iran, we are eager to work with foreign tour guides and travel agencies to share unique trips to their customers. In order to have our experiences and local tours in your packages to Iran, contact us at

  • I am a provider in Iran. How can we work together?

    In TasteIran we intend to work with professional actors of incoming tourism. Local accommodations, local agencies and guides who are concerned with sustainable tourism and share our values, are welcome to work with us. Please read our criteria on this page and send us an email if you are in.

  • I have a question / problem. How can I get in touch?

    The best and fastest way to contact us is to write to us at However, we are always available on live chat and phone numbers.