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Yazd Culinary Walk Tour, a World Heritage Essential

Yazd Culinary Walk Tour, a World Heritage Essential

Yazd food culinary walk tour | Be ready for toothsome foods and drinks in Yazd which make your taste buds hanker for, long after you have returned home

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At the doorstep of the desert, the historical city of Yazd is a must-see in Iran with its narrow abode alleys and splendid monuments. Discover the city of windcatchers with a unique experience blending cultural discoveries and culinary amazement. Choose to adopt an original perspective by exploring the main highlights of the old city through the lens of its culinary scene that can have all your boxes ticked in a glance of a half-day tour.

What you experience
  • Wrapping up your visit of Yazd through the lens of culture and food

  • Walking through the UNESCO-listed oasis city of Yazd and visiting main landmarks

  • Sampling numerous delicious local specialties

  • Enjoying a typical breakfast and a real Yazdi feast for lunch

  • Making the most of the adobe town and its gastronomy on a short journey

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 1 local Yazdi breakfast, 1 lunch feast, Persian tea, samples of food and drinks
  • Other services: English guided walk of main attractions of old town Yazd, culinary guide
  • Not included: Travel insurances, domestic flights, tips(optional),transportation, service of a translator for any other language than English, additional meals and drinks other than the samples and those included in the breakfast and the lunch
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses

Visiting Yazd is for many travellers, the highlight of their trip to Iran. The oasis city, with its horizon filled with windcatchers or Badgirs in Persian, is known for its Zoroastrian community and the maze of its abode alleys with their timeless atmosphere. Exploring the historical city of Yazd through its culinary scene is the best way to go off the beaten tracks while ticking off some of your bucket list items.

Start your day with a walk in the old districts of Yazd, in the shadows of its mudbrick walls. At the heart of the traditional neighbourhoods, enjoy a copious local breakfast to start your Yazd journey.

Yazd Jame mosque
The tallest minaret in Iran belongs to the Jame Mosque of Yazd, Ninara

A gourmet and cultural experience

Continue your exploration of the old town and its famous landmarks while tasting most of its culinary specialities, from drinks to sweets and snacks. During your walk, you can gather real insights into the city from a local perspective, by discovering its history, faiths, culture, and traditions.

Whether you're a real foodie or simply a gourmet traveller, this experience allows you to combine a full discovery of the city with its gastronomy on a short journey. Eventually, when the sun reaches its peak, conclude this amazing visit to the city by enjoying a real Yazdi feast for lunch, before pursuing your own exploration of the city and journey to Iran.

Yazd old town is a UNESCO listed world heritage
Yazd old town, a charming UNESCO-listed world heritage, Ninara

Brief Itinerary:

The tour starts at around 9:00 A.M., in the old city of Yazd, with a special Yazdi breakfast. Then, visit the historical neighbourhoods of Yazd and some of its most famous landmarks, such as the Jameh Mosque or the Water Museum, while tasting different local foods. The tour ends at the beginning of the afternoon, around 3:00 P.M., after a real Yazdi feast altogether for lunch.


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