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Join the Agro Tour of Rice Cultivation in Gilan

Join the Agro Tour of Rice Cultivation in Gilan

Rice cultivation and harvesting tour | The experience of rice harvesting in Gilan province as a part of rice cultivation is a blend of cultural and natural essential of northwest Iran

2 Days and 1 night
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Everyone who knows even a bit of Persian cookery definitely knows what essential role the rice has in the Iranian culinary. Now inside this range of knowledge, the king of the rice in cultivation and consumption in Iran is Gilan and the queen of it is Mazandaran. A whole one year story of rice producing is now our main longing and so many resultants of this procedure are led us to share an enthralling experience with those who are interested to feel the culture by the touch in place. Go for the syntax of agriculture and the legends of northern Iran.  Participate in the Iranian rice harvest in the paddy fields with locals, taste the best of Gilani cuisine and plunge in the green nature of Hyrcanian forest.

What you experience
  • Experiencing rice harvest in paddy fields of Gilan

  • Tasting delicious Gilani cuisine and tea

  • Getting to know about the culture of Gilan, rituals, agriculture and handicrafts

  • Trekking in Hyrcanian forest to a pristine natural waterfall

  • Visiting the rice factory and the process of whitening rice seeds and packaging products

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 1 breakfast,1 lunch ,1 dinner all local Gilani food, Iranian tea, cold beverages
  • Transportation: From paddy fields to rice factory and back
  • Accommodation: 1 nights in an authentic eco-lodge (with shared bathroom and toilet)
  • Other services: English speaking tour guide, company with local family to share their knowledge of environment and cultures with you
  • Not included: Insurance, costs of transportation from origin to eco-lodge and back, International airfare, Airport and departure taxes, Meals not stipulated in the itinerary, Tips (optional), Cost of medical immunizations, phone calls, any other service not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Sunscreen
  • Cap
  • Sunglasses
  • Extra clothes
  • Hiking shoes
  • long sleeves shirt

Rice is a common agricultural product in Gilan province. It needs high humidity for growth which is obtained by the effort of the strong Mediterranean winds that pass through the Caspian Sea and collide with the heights of Talesh Mountains in this region. Western Hyrcanian forests which comprise Gilan province with the highest average annual rainfall of 2200 mm, has made an excellent environment for tea, rice and various crops.

Rice is the prominent part of the Persian culinary
A Gilani table is empty without the rice colouring it, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Come along to experience one of the distinct activities in Gilan and get to know everything about Iran rice harvesting through fun, while it is not all to surprise you with! In an unprecedented bundle of attractions plunge into the local community with their characterized dialect and lifestyle, unique rural architecture compatible with nature which comes from unwritten indigenous knowledge. In the paradise of Iranian local food, be prepared for tasting delectable foods and drinks which made your taste buds crave for, long after returning home.

harvesting rice in gilan
 Harvesting rice with the sickle, Ali Akbar Jafari, Mehr News

The pristine nature surrounds the village, in front of each house large paddy fields, which reflect the image of some sacred peaks over the landscape. Set foot in the rice fields with the other local women and men to do what Gilani ancestors have done more than a hundred years. After cooperating with rice harvest, trek in the forests, a little away from paddy fields deep in green vegetation of Hyrcanian Forest which survived from the third geological period that is going to be a UNESCO world heritage site soon.

nature of Gilan and ancient Hyrcanian forests
From the paddy fields to the hidden waterfall in the forest, Samaneh Sadeghi | TasteIran

Locals call the persons who work in the rice fields as "Yavar" which has a meaning of "someone who helps in some task" or "an assistant". Be a Yavar and trigger your Gilan memoir in Iran.

Brief Itinerary  

Day 1: Arriving in the village in the afternoon, getting to the eco-loge which is run by a Gilani couple studied the environment at university and made their ancestral house to be a beautiful alive eco-lodge in front of rice fields. Getting to know about the village, rice harvesting and our hosts, we will enjoy having a delicious Gilani dinner and then a good sleep in an unforgettable cottage house.

Gilani architecture, eco lodge
The beautiful architecture of Gilani Eco-lodge which is compatible with nature, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Day 2: Today we catch the rice field altogether with locals before the Sun rises up. Having a small breakfast and starting our big experience in the rice field, with interesting tools. At 9:30 the big special breakfast will be served in the workplace for all Yavars. And the harvest continues until 11:00 AM  when we leave paddy field for rest and another Gilani cuisine for lunch. In the afternoon we will go for a hike to the enthralling waterfall and in the afternoon join other people in the field for the next phase of the job which is being done by a machine named "Combine" and you learn how to detach rice seeds from the cluster with it. Visiting the rice factory where the seeds are being whitened and polished is the next experience of rice process.  In the afternoon when the Sun goes down and it gets all dark we will finish once in a lifetime experience in green Gilan.                                         


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