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Lut Desert Tour, Under the Spell of the Bare Desert

Lut Desert Tour, Under the Spell of the Bare Desert

Iran Lut Desert Adventure and Trekking Tour | An expedition to the first natural heritage of Iran and one of the most unknown extra dry and warm regions in the world

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Lut Desert with a space of 80.000 kilometers is the handmade charm of the Iranian plateau at the climax. You don’t need to be an ecotourist to fell under the spell of the alluring land with the most differing desert landforms. Lut includes three major geographic zones that the most enthralling district of it is the inner parts which encompass the world's highest Yardang, elevated Sand dunes, the dry spots at the forefront and vast gravel plains (Hamada). Set out to the unknown quarter of the world and trace back the Marco Polo's footprints along with the wonders of the great desert.

What you experience
  • Visiting Shahdad village, the possessor of the world's first flag

  • Drifting in Nebkha park at the edge of the Lut

  • Exploring one of  the desert's water canals, Qanat

  • Exploring a Caravanserai before entering the gravels

  • Visiting Kalutes of Shahdad, the magnificent  Yardangs of the world

  • Climbing up the lava mount of Gandom Beryan

  • Photographing at the shore of Kal Shur (Salt River), the longest river in Lut desert

  • Getting to see the Quartz and agate stone scattered through the Hamada of the Lut

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Location & Paths
  • Transportation: Transfer to and from Shahdad village with off-road vehicle in accordance with the itinerary
  • Other services: English speaking guide, local driver guide, drinking water, herbal tea and snack, required equipment
  • Not included: Meals, visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights, Tips to guide (Optional), personal equipment, single supplement, extra services or attractions not indicated in the itinerary
  • Hat or cap
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Small backpack

In the morning when the sun still didn't spread its occupation over the Shahdad oasis where the universal artefact, the 5000 year bronze flag of it holds out the golden history of the Lut's outskirt as the oldest bronze banner in the world, embark on an expedition from the western edge of the Lut desert to the some lowest deep spots of the Iranian plateau.

The last green plants and freshwater before Kaluts

Through a narrow gravel road seems to lead to nowhere we will be caught by the living vegetation on the left side of the road. Here it is, the world's tallest Nebkhas that makes an uncommon scenery not only good for the sightseeing but also fruitful products for the income and medicinal usage of the region. If you had never heard of Nebkha before it is time to get familiar with the Lut's phenomenal undergoing flower pots. Nebkhas are made as a result of wind activity blowing over the gravels until encountering with a shrub. Then a type of sand dune gets to go around vegetation to be formed as a natural flower pot.

Nebkhas of the Lut desert, sand dunes
The sand dunes ongoing plants or Nebkhas of Shahdad, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Leaving the last greenery behind, we have a stop at the door of an underground tunnel. A gate to the indigenous technique of Iranian Qanat, whose native engineering method is listed by UNESCO as a cultural World Heritage of Iran.

Shafi abad Qanat, the underground water tunnerl
Qanat is the engineering innovation of desert regions of Iran, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

When the magic begins in Lut

And here we go, Welcome to the world of ultimate sand, wind and salinity. There just over the earthy sand and endless gravel hillocks between the deep sand trenches, it might be like more of the Mars than the planet Earth. From this point on the desert, basin beckons for an unrivalled experience. We continue on safari at the foot of gigantic Kaluts (Yardangs) when you trigger exhale like a scream trembles unconsciously.

While it is unlimitedly sensational to see different environmental features and geological formations of immense sand ditches, high dunes, volcanic rocks, the mere permanent river of this unusual ecosystem may appear to your sight.

Kaluts of Shahdad in Lut desert
Kaluts, the land of the sand and wind, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Meet with the longest river of the Lut desert in Gandom Beryan mound

Seeing the Kal shur River comes coincident with realizing Gandom Beryan where some stories say the wheat is grilled without the help of oven or fire there as it's one of the hottest spots of the plain and the translation of its name is also after this story to be "Where the wheat is grilled".  Along the Salt River which comes from the northeast from its foundation on Birjand Mountains, the black mound covered by the volcanic rocks gives a horizontal view over the naked desert.The word Lut in Persian means "devoid of everything" and that defines the panorama that Gandom Beryan clarifies; the bare landscape of the world's unknown dry and warm desert.

Gandom Beryan, Lut desert, Iran
The landscape of the Salt River and Lut desert over Gandom Beryan mound, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Back to the downhill of Gandom Beryan, Having lunch beside the river and visiting the cascade of the river we head to see the region veils varying stones and different types of igneous rocks colour the plain to black. Be their guest and enjoy another feature in the heart of the Lut.

After being a day in the hands of enchanting Lut, it's time to choose to break Lut's spell or keep being under its magic forever.

Lut desert, the natural world heritage of Iran
The Lut desert never frees the one who once been under its spell, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Detail Itinerary:

At 6:30 in the morning get together with your local guide in Kerman city, head toward Shahdad village and from there to the land of the ghosts on a gravel road, visiting some of the tallest Nebkhas of the world before getting to explore a real underground water tunnel in an abandoned corner.  Next point is between the large Kalutes which are so famous in size and fancy formations.  A safari in dunes and seeing different types of Yardangs in the way to Gandom Beryan by getting through the mud at the coast of Kal Shur River in the desert. To reach the top of the black mount of lavas and catch the sight of the plain which is cut off by the Salt River we will cross the river with boots.  A desert picnic for lunch and coming by a cute cascade adds more joy to our expedition. Before getting out of the Martian land visit the wide carpet of agate, quarts and other types of igneous stones spread over another quarter of Lut. By the evening you will leave the Lut behind as the images cite memoirs.

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