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Chadorshab Weaving Experience in Gilan

Chadorshab Weaving Experience in Gilan

Chadorshab Weavig Tour | Come to the green Gilan and read its international-famed chadorshab handmade cloth

2 hours
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Come to the green and blue scenery of Gilan, to the pristine art of Gilani women and colourful patterns woven of silk and cotton with an exceptional technique and loom. Find the surrounding elements on the ancient handwoven cloth and learn to weave a piece of Chadorshab that will bring the smell of Iranian tea, the humidity of the Caspian Sea and the charm of ancient forest to you, long after you’ve returned home. You are going to experience a super local experience in the village of Qasem Abad, a World Craft City for Chadorshab weaving. 

What you experience
  • Learn about the history of chadorshab, weaving techniques and motifs

  • Make a piece of chadorshab using Pachal machine

  • Shopping different table clothes and chadorshab handmade cloth first hand from local market

Location & Paths
  • Meals: local snack and tea
  • Transportation: From the entrance of the village to the loom and back
  • Other services: English guided tour at workshop, English instructions and information about Ghasem Abad Chadorshab
  • Being a fan of handicrafts, handmade crafts and the story behind the ancient way of them

The world handicraft village of Qasem Abad locates in green province of Gilan, by the Caspian Sea and mountainous areas, keeps the history of weaving since 3000 years ago particularly a handmade cloth world-widely known as Chadorshab waist wrap.

In the beautiful nature of the eastern Gilan, beneath the Hyrcanian world heritage forest, Gilani women preserve their ancient art and weaving traditions while creating patterns from their hearts inspired by the surrounding nature.

Join the local guide in Qasem Abad near Roudsar city of Guilan in the north of Iran in the morning. Walking in the alleyways of the village, you will pass the doors of many Chadorshab workshops.

chadorshab tablecloth
Chadorshab tablecloth, Shiva Shamshiri | TasteIran

In one of these local looms, you will be introduced to the artisan of chadorshab weaving whose workshop is finely designed with enthralling floor mats, tablecloths, curtains, table runners, etc all woven with chadorshab technique.

After getting to know about Chadorshab weaving history, designs and motifs, and especial weaving loom called Pachal, the master demonstrates weaving technique on the Pachal machine. She also explains about motifs and their interpretations.

Roll up your sleeves! It’s time to involve and touch the art and history. Everything is available for your experience and the most, your master and guide. Create your story and your colour and motifs, knowing that this weaving experience cannot perform elsewhere but in the village of chadorshab.

In the end, you will feel so proud of the outcome that Chadorshab-bafi is a difficult art that only a handful of women in a small village like Qasem Abad accomplish weaving it. Your woven chadorshab will tells the story of an inimitable art with a culture of northern Iran in its soul.

chadorshab bafi in ghasemabad gilan
Chadorshab weaver on Pachal weaving machine,Garlandmag

Brief Itinerary:

The experience starts at your favourite time when you meet with the local English guide in Qasemabad village Chaboksar, Gilan and together you will go to the chadorshab weaving Crafts Workshop.

In the workshop, your guide with chadorshab weaver explains the history, stories and motifs of this renowned handwoven cloth and you will see and involve all the procedure of making chadorshab with no space in between. Touch the thread, come over the ancient weaving loom and try weaving this colourful full of designs and figures piece of art. After a two-hour expedition, our experiential short tour is going to an end but you are going to bring this sweet memory for the rest of your trip and even long after you’ve returned home.

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