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Iran’s Night Sky Photography Experience

Iran’s Night Sky Photography Experience

Photography of Iran’s Night Sky, when light pollution is at its least

5 Days and 4 nights
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The view that most of the world imagines about Iran’s land is quietly related to the vast barren lands and deserts. Although it is not true! But this time let’s track toward the unique deserts that hold the vast night skies when light pollution is at its least. Experience photography of Iran’s night sky with us and capture some skies views including the brightest stars backdropped with magnificent natural structures.

What you experience
  • Night Sky Photography in the best locations with the lowest levels of light pollution in the world

  • Visiting Iran’s three best deserts for astrophotography

  • Visiting the World Heritage city of Yazd, the world's largest adobe town 

  • Visiting the World Heritage of Persian Garden 

  • Visiting Lut Desert, the first Iranian natural World Heritage

Location & Paths
  • Transportation: All road transportation during the tour, fully equipped 4x4 car for desert
  • Meals: Breakfast , One meal per day
  • Accommodation: 3 nights in a desert eco-camp, 1 night in a traditional hotel
  • Others: English speaking night sky photographer guide, local professional guides, astrophotography tips
  • Excluded: visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights, Tips to guide (optional), entry fees, and plan and services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Personal night sky photography gears
  • Hat or cap, headscarf
  • Sunscreen
  • Sunglasses
  • Warm and comfortable Clothing
  • Shoes to walk in the sand
  • Extra socks
  • Small backpack
  • Personal items

Every night photographer in the world knows how much the level of light pollution in the environment is essential. To find a place with low levels of light pollution you must travel far and long from cities and roads. This Iran night sky experience is a blend of the most iconic and natural spots in the whole world that have the highest scores of light pollution.

Leave the disturbing artificial light for the city life, bring your night sky photography gears and set out for a journey to the beauties of the glowing night sky with the foreground of ancient structures. 

Come with us to connect with the galaxies and stars up upon Kashan's intrepid deserts and travel to the world’s largest mud-brick city of Yazd to capture the earthy and celestial heritages before stepping into the hottest place on earth where life is suspended in the quietness beneath the night sky veiling over.

Kashan gets its fame for the vast Damascus rose fields and being the Iranian capital of rosewater. Besides its fragrant popularity, the incredible deserts all-around Kashan make it a unique destination for night sky photography and stargazing. You are going to spend a night under the skirt of Kashan deserts in the company of one of the best Iranian night sky photographers that give you all the necessary tips to tick all the boxes on your list.

Seeing the largest ancient adobe city in the world is something that no tourist can resist. Feeling the peace in the roofed narrow alleyways, watching the city lights over the earthen buildings and praising wind catchers standing to reach the sky can truly hook your heart. Yazd reaches its climax after the sun sets and we gather in a group to make dream captures of the night sky of Yazd Desert.

We will make our journey to the hottest place on earth where Kalout sand towers can reach 300 metres. Nature and wind keep sweeping kalout landforms endlessly. We are going to finish our night sky expedition in the legendary Shahhad Desert at the gate of the first natural world heritage site of Iran, the Lut Desert.

Away from the mean city lights, in the best spot for photographing the night sky, capture the stellar magic and immerse in the darkest earth with the brightest night sky. 

Brief Itinerary

Day 1: Arrival at Tehran International Airport. Depart to Kashan, visit Fin Persian Garden, Historic houses, overnight in the Kashan desert and capture the distinct night sky.

Day 2: Head to Yazd and visit Jame mosque, and your required attractions, overnight in Yazd city.

Day3: City sightseeing and in the afternoon we hit the road to the sandy deserts of Yazd to celebrate the night sky and overnight in a cosy desert camp.

Day 4: Leave for Kerman and the most exciting destination of this tour, Shahdad, the land of sand towers to start an incredible expedition in the silence of the desert night. The ancient Kalouts of the foreground will celebrate an unforgettable experience of astrophotography. Overnight in a desert eco-camp.

Day 5: Fly back to Tehran and farewell to the unpolluted night skies of Persia.

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