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Traveling with Domestic Flights in Iran; How to Book?

Traveling with Domestic Flights in Iran; How to Book?

If you travel to Iran for a few days, then flying is the best choice for you. Iran is a huge country, three times the size of France for instance. That’s why travelling by plane can be a real time-saver. It’s rather cheap and easy to book tickets for any destination inside the country. You can book your Iran domestic flight here in a few minutes.

Flying anywhere in Iran

In Iran, taking a plane to travel between two cities is quite common, as you can reach almost any destination by flight. There are no less than 319 airports, which made Iran the 22nd country in the world with most airports!

Currently, 16 Iranian airlines operate in the country. The best carriers are Iran Air, Mahan Air and Kish Air.

The cost of a flight ticket is low and all the airline companies offer similar airfares. For information purpose, a flight between Tehran and Shiraz, booked roughly one week before the departure date, cost about 70 euros. By air, this trip lasts one hour and a half… while it’s 12 to 15 hours by bus!

How to book a flight ticket in Iran?

Depending on the plane, airlines offer one or two classes for domestic flights: economy and business. Passengers must be present at the airport for checking in at least one hour and a half before departure for a domestic flight. It usually includes a 20 kilos check-in luggage and a meal.

It’s possible to book all flights online. However, it can be complicated for tourists to find the best option and furthermore, the payment must be done with an Iranian credit or debit card. In order to book your flight, you can go to a local travel agency, which is easy to find in every big city. Usually, hotels are also able to book tickets on your behalf.

 Domestic Route Network:

Domestic flights route in Iran
Domestic flights route in Iran

Travelling by plane might be the most convenient option for travellers who want to save time. Flights are cheap and almost every destination is reachable by plane, extending the possibilities of your trip.

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