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Iran Visa for US, UK, CA Citizens, How to Apply?

Iran Visa for US, UK, CA Citizens, How to Apply?

It's absolutely possible for American, British and Canadian citizens to visit Iran. However, these nationalities are subject to specific rules and procedures.

Among those three countries, only Great Britain has an embassy in Iran. Yet, British citizens, as well as Americans and Canadians must arrange their visas before flying to Iran: none of them can take their Visa on Arrival. They must have an authorization code issued first by the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

How to apply as a US / UK / CA citizen?

The first step is to get in touch with an official guide, who will apply on their behalf. They can ask either for a 10-day or 30-day visa. Americans must be guided by specific guides, and allowed to organize the trips of US citizens in Iran. British and Canadians can approach any official guide. We, at Taste Iran, can help you find an authorized guide, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Unfortunately, these three nationalities cannot travel independently to Iran. They will be accompanied during their stay by their guide. To get a visa, they must plan with their guide a specific itinerary: they need to provide a detailed route for each day, including hotel reservations, means of transportation, etc. They are not allowed to stay out of hotels, camp or sleep at people's houses for instance.

American, British, and Canadian citizens must produce the following documents while applying for a visa:

  • A scan of the passport. Note that it should have six months of validity left.
  • A complete itinerary, provided by an official guide, with hotel bookings
  • A detailed resume over the past 10 years
  • A personal information document (with name, birth date, etc.)
  • A passport photo

Don't forget to subscribe to insurance covering your trip to Iran, which is mandatory for all nationalities.

Iran visa for an US citizen sample
Iran visa for a US citizen sample

How much does it cost to take an Iran visa?

The visa fees must be paid at the embassy, upon visa collection. The total cost is from 90 to 145 USD.

When to apply for an Iran visa?

It is required to apply at least three months before the departure date. The visa procedure in itself usually takes four to six weeks. When travellers have obtained their reference code through their guide, they must approach the Iranian embassy in their country within a month to get their visa.

Then, travellers who have obtained their visas at the embassy have 90 days to enter the country.

Where to apply for an Iran visa?

British citizens can apply to the embassy located in London. However, there is no Iranian embassy or consulate in North America. Thus, both Americans and Canadians must approach the Pakistan Embassy in Washington, which holds an Iranian section issuing visas. It’s possible to do the process at distance and send the documents and passport via a secured mail delivery system.

Following these simple steps, visitors from America, Great Britain and Canada can enjoy their trip to Iran. They are welcomed with open arms by Iranians who deeply love those three countries, and will be eager to exchange with travellers.

If you are one of the citizens who needs a Visa on Arrival to enter Iran, request your Iran visa online here.

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