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Travel to Iran is Back (April 2022 Updated)

Travel to Iran is Back (April 2022 Updated)

With the thirteen-government of Iran coming to work, the progress in every field of the country is going to happen by the steadfast and fresh ambition and promising power. Following the 19 months that the tourism industry has faced a catastrophic dilemma after the nasty virus outbreak finally Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Handicrafts Minister concurrent with the World Tourism Day announced that the country plans to lift visa restrictions.

By the order of the President, the issuance of tourist visas will be resumed and Iran’s land and air borders will be open to foreign tourists from November. The order has been declared to all related organizations according to the deputy tourism minister. It means the government has decided to loosen tough restrictions and help travelling to Iran resume again.

The most principal line of the measure tells that foreigners’ arrivals and departures to/from land and air borders are free with exposing a COVID-19 vaccination card. There is no need to have a negative PCR test after April 2022.

In recent weeks, just after suppressing a deadly fifth wave of the pandemic which has taken up to 700 mortalities daily in Iran, the government made a determined attempt to vaccinate people against COVID-19. Eventually, as of September 22, the figure dropped to below 300 to give hope the condition can go back to normal after months of suspension. 

Earlier, the following speeding up the vaccination rate in Iran president of the Islamic Republic of Iran has said: now we stand at the point that instead of applying new restrictions, we should decide and plan for lifting restrictions. “Tourism is the inalienable right of everyone, everywhere in the world and has an exceptional role in public diplomacy. This industry can boost the dark diplomatic relations between the nations and improve amity between them.” Zarghami has stated previously.

The issuance of Iranian tourist visas was suspended since the virus outbreak on 20 March in 2020 when most of the international flights stopped and land borders of the country were closed by the order of the Iran National Mobilization against COVID-19 Epidemic. However, the health, business and education visas have been issued without a pulse.

According to the government actual measures, the issuance of Iranian tourist visas for travellers from Iran’s international borders should follow the regulations enacted by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Now that world is getting grounds for hope, once again world tourists and travellers seek unique and lesser-known places to discover. It’s not going to be vain to know according to the World Tourism Organization Iran was ranked as the second fastest-growing country in tourism and it’s time to open arms to new experiences after holding its breath for the severely hit of the coronavirus.

The land of history and culture in the Middle East, a treasury that stores the unbeaten 26 UNESCO heritages and unspoken dreamy landscapes few eyes could reach to see, this is Iran that aims to increase the number of tourist arrivals from 4.8 million in 2014 to 20 million in 2025 Under the 25 Tourism Vision Plan.

Since Visa on Arrival (VOA) in Iran is not available at the moment, you need to request your Visa Authorization Code here online before entering Iran. In case you hold a passport of the UK, US or Canada, contact us for managing your visa and journey in Iran: Again, don't remember that o get Iran Visa you need to have the vaccination card showing two doses are received.

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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Aldo Said
From 2019 I look forward to coming to Iran with the camping car. Is the land border with Turkey open? I have the vaccine but do I also need a PCR test? Do you know where I can do it in Turkey? Thank you.
2022-01-19T04:23:24.397 Reply
TasteIran to Aldo Pastorino
Dear Aldo, Yes the borders are open. And you need both vaccination card and PCR test for visiting Iran during Corona era.
2022-02-10T02:37:30.283 Reply
Patrick Said
Useful information thank you! I hope it will be resumed soon :)
2021-10-17T06:04:55.447 Reply