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Medical Tourism in Iran

Medical Tourism in Iran

During the past few years, medical tourism as a growing branch of health tourism grabbed worldwide attention. So many people travel to other countries to obtain medical treatments along with pleasure and recreation. 

Experienced and recognized physicians, standard hospitals and clinics, low costs of health services, efficient accommodations, beside touristic attractions have made Iran a perfect destination for medical tourism. In this article, you will find useful information about the nature of medical tourism, different types of health tourism as well as health procedures that you can experience in Iran, advantages and tips to have in mind while taking medical tours in this country as a perfect destination for medical-related issues.

What is medical tourism?

Sometimes people travel abroad to seek medical procedures in other countries. Medical tourism or the globalization of healthcare is not a new concept. In the times past, patients travelled to bigger towns in order to be treated by a famous physician. Today, this trend is vice versa. People of developed countries prefer to have medical services in developing countries.

Medical tourists travel overseas because the costs of healthcare programs are extremely high, there are no specialist-driven procedures, there is the necessity of visiting a doctor with a special reputation and skill, they need specific treatments or high-quality facilities that are not available in their own countries. On the other side, it could be a good opportunity to visit a new country and get familiar with another culture. 

Why medical tourism in Iran?

Iran has been the main health hub and skilled Iranian doctors have global reputation since a long time ago. Comprehensive medical schools like Gondishapoor in Khuzestan Province, and well-respected physicians like Avicenna were pillars of ancient medical science. Today, there are 190 licensed health centres and equipped hospitals around Iran to present professional services in the region and the world. For the following reasons, Iran is a trusted destination for the purpose of maintaining health care and medicament. 

World-Class medical centres with top-notch facilities

Hospitals and health clinics in Iran are either government-owned or private. These hospitals offer premium wellness services to patients. Up-to-the-minute techniques, as well as technology-advanced equipment, ranked Iran hospitals high above at the list of world qualified health centres.

Reputable Doctors

There are considerable numbers of committed and experienced specialists and doctors in Iran. You can truly trust their knowledge and skill, as these health professionals are well-trained and have numerous clients every day. 

Low-cost of services

Unlike advanced technologies and modern procedures available in Iran's hospitals, the cost of these exquisite services and aftercare packages are considerably low. In comparison to Europe and Iran's neighbours like Turkey, services and treatments are for a song! So, from the economic point of view, taking a medical tour in Iran is a great opportunity. 

In addition to these factors, this country is a wonderful land with lots of breathtaking natural landscapes, fascinating activities and experiences, magnificent historical and cultural monuments. So, many patients travel to Iran from both neighbouring and western countries for medical purposes while enjoying a memorable visit to a four-season country with 5000 years of civilization and UNESCO heritage sites.

Different types of medical surgeries in Iran

As a top medical centre, different diseases are diagnosed and treated in Iran. From cosmetic operations to cardiology and cancer treatments are done by recognized specialists using safe and high-quality facilities and accommodations. Rhinoplasty, breast and hair transplantation, dentistry especially cosmetic dentistry, weight loss surgery are the most well-known commonly cosmetic surgeries operated treatments in Iran.

IVF and fertility consultation, cancer treatments, ophthalmology, joint replacement, cardiology, neurology and orthopaedic are the most popular medical surgeries that are obtained in this country.

Cosmetic surgery in Iran

Plastic surgery or cosmetic surgery is performed on any part with the aim of improving one's appearance and consequently his/her self-esteem and self-confidence. Iran is a reputable hub for cosmetic surgeries with countless creditable surgeons that you can trust their knowledge and experience. As cosmetic surgeries can permanently and dramatically change your appearance, it is crucial to have a clear understanding of the whole procedure, your surgeon's credentials, and clarify your expected results. Rhinoplasty, skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, facial contouring, breast implantation and Mastopexy (breast lift), Liposuction and reshaping the abdomen, hair transplantation, Otoplasty (ear surgery), filler, Botox or fat injections are some of different types of major and minor operations that are offered in Iran's modern hospitals and clinics under the supervision of skilled physicians.

Nature therapy in Iran

Nature therapy is a type of medical tourism that uses natural resources to treat physical illnesses, as well as providing peace of mind under the direct supervision of doctors and specialists. Thanks to the extraordinary diverse climate in Iran, there is an ideal chance of experiencing this unique health procedure by being exposed to nature. Hot springs, medical sludge, mud spas or salt baths are used to treat a wide range of illnesses from rheumatic diseases and skin problems to migraines. They are also effective ways for relaxing and combating depression and anxiety.

Is medical tourism risky?

Each year, millions of people participate in health tourism around the world. But travelling to another country for having medical treatments can be risky. You need to find the best physicians and qualified hospitals, get your visa, be able to set an appointment, know the addresses, find suitable accommodations, overcome transportation and communication obstacles. All these can be so stressful and need true and helpful information.

If planning to receive medical procedures in another country, you can trust reliable agencies in your desired destination to solve all these issues. In this case, you just need to pack your luggage and come to your host country. These agencies are professional and completely know the ropes. So, they easily set everything for your comfortable stay and stay beside you to make sure that you are getting perfect healthcare.

Famous foreign celebrities choose Iran for cosmetic operations

These days, every single person can have cosmetic surgeries to improve one's appearance. For actors and celebrities, cosmetic procedures are more common. Since millions of people follow their styles around the world, they are obsessed with finding the best surgeons and equipped clinics. Due to the high experience of cosmetic surgeons, modern hospitals, and of course affordable costs, Iran is one of the first places that celebrities choose to have plastic surgeries. Pixee Fox, The Swedish model known as "Human Barbie Doll", Rodrigo Alves, the Brazilian-British television personality known as" Human Ken Doll", Candy Charm and Erika Gery, British and Brazilian adult film actresses are among famous foreign celebrities who came to Iran for cosmetic surgeries.

Tips to know before travelling for health purposes

  • Do not forget to bring a copy of your medical records, results of tests and photos. Also bring a list of medications that you are currently taking, including their brand name, dosages, and generic names.
  • Send a copy of these records to your email. So, you can have easier access to them. Also, there would be no chance of losing them.
  • Check your health insurer to see if it covers your travel costs, specific procedure and post-operative care. If not, find a travel insurance company that is able to cover you almost entirely overseas.
  • Search about the hospital, surgeon and the whole process and be sure that they are reputable, experienced and up to date.
  • Consider possible delays in getting your visa and set your appointments with an eye on unexpected situations.

By Samaneh Zohrabi / TasteIran

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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