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The Sky is Nearby in Milad Tower

The Sky is Nearby in Milad Tower
Photo by Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Milad Tower, the observation deck of Tehran

If Azadi Tower is the Iranian capital's portal, then Milad Tower is Tehran's crest and the symbol of today Tehran. Milad in Persian means "birth". Perhaps the idea of building the tallest tower of Iran has come from the perspective of the development of Tehran city. If you are included those who enjoy watching the incredible view of the whole town glowing under the red light of the setting sun or the silver light of the new moon, then Milad Tower can offer you a panoramic view of the atypical capital of Iran. It is where you can feel the beating heart of this chaotic city, resting under the blanket of lights and movement.

Milad Tower interior
The skydome at the top of Milad Tower, Shahin Nobari

Among the tallest structures of the world

As a broadcasting tower, Milad Tower is an iconic cultural and tourism landmark of Tehran showing the modern face of the historic capital. This multi-purpose tower stands in the Northwest of Tehran. With a height of 435 meters, this tower is the 19th tallest structure and the 6th tallest telecommunication tower in the world. In terms of the tower's top area, it gets the first rank among all telecommunication towers with 13,000 meters of infrastructure.

The tower consists of the foundation, lobby section, shaft, top structure, and the 120-meter antenna. The head structure consists of the open observation deck, skydome, closed observation deck, museum of celebrities, café and other facilities.  

The six-story lobby houses conference and exhibition halls, food courts and shopping centres. Six elevators are moving along the octagonal concrete shaft to reach the head of the tower. These super-fast elevators move the 315-meter-high rod in less than a minute. On top of the twelve-story pod structure, the antennas host both national radio & television, promoting wireless network weather and traffic control.

Milad tower tehran symbol
The open vision platform of Milad Tower, Shahin Nobari

Dr Hafezi, inspired by the traditional symbols of Persian architecture, designed the tower and as a representative of Tehran Municipality, the project was completed for ten years. The approximate weight of the whole structure is 150 thousand tons. Only the steelhead of the tower weighs 25,000 tonnes.

A tower that celebrates merriness

Milad Tower is not erected just for telecommunication purposes. There are different sections inside this touristic landmark satisfying the desires of various groups. From several exhibition halls and art galleries to food courts, museums, conference rooms, and concert halls, each has something to present all year long.

The most exciting part, of course, is the open observation platform on the top of the tower where you can enjoy the picturesque view of Tehran and the surrounding mountains in front of you. There is a sphere restaurant in the head structure spinning and giving different spectacular views while you are eating.

Milad tower festivals
National celebrations are held in Milad Tower, Shahin Nobari

The stage of seasonal, ethnic festivals and ceremonies

Apart from many temporary cultural, art and craft fairs and festivals, the open area of the tower bears several ethnic festivals the whole year long. In these delightful festivals, cubicle stalls are decorated in traditional style and local food, desserts and refreshments are served and sold besides handicrafts, foodstuff and plenty to surprise visitors. Traditional dance, music and activities are an integral part of the mentioned festivals being held downward the Tehran's manmade peak.

The skydome is another stunning part of the complex, a glass dome on the highest level of the tower to have a dazzling view of Tehran. There are other entertaining centres inside the tower area among them a paintball club, suspension bridge, cycling area, zip line, 6D cinema, etc.

At night the tower is lit up in different colours to magnify the glory of the structure standing proudly between Gisha & Shahrak Gharb districts. Sunset draws visitors to the Milad Tower. From up on high, you can see the capital stretching miles away into the distance while enjoying your drink and taking amazing photos.


You can visit Milad Tower every day from 10:00 A.M to 11:00 P.M. Tower’s contact number is +98-218585 and you can buy tickets online from Milad Tower official website here:

By Samaneh Zohrabi / TasteIran

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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