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Take your Journey to Tehran Book Garden

Take your Journey to Tehran Book Garden

Tehran Book Garden, a modern library in the heart of Tehran

Tehran, this chaotic beating heart of Iran has always been a surprising story for its residents and too for travellers. With a historic shelter in its centre, the Iranian capital handouts modern facilities and widespread amusements to entice every taste. One of the landmarks that attempts many families and individuals in Tehran is Iran’s largest book store and science-fun complex, Tehran Book Garden.

If you are travelling to Iran with family and kids, visit Tehran Book Garden with spending some hours in the large colourful book shops or experiencing the kid’s interactive robotic amusement park or perhaps resting in its cosy part eating a delightful snack, sandwich or juice can refresh your mind during your trip specifically in the hustle and bustle of a city that Tehran is.

tehran book garden
Tehran Book Garden hosts a large collection of books and cultural products, Unknown

Travel to knowledge, play like a kid, caress art and relax

The greatest book, scientific and cultural entertainment garden has four wonderful journeys on each you gonna make a smooth memory to recall later. In the science journey kids and teenagers benefit from two equipped science gardens specialized for different age ranges. 

On the journey to the art, an outdoor amphitheatre, a cinema complex containing ten modern cinema saloons with buffets, a pioneer cultural centre for theatre and music shows and an Eastern art handcraft shop serve the visitors.

bagh e ketab cinema complex
Tehran Book Garden has ten modern cinema saloons, Unknown

In the entertainment journey interesting educational and fun areas are formed for kids and teenagers. These parts are composed of two sections on the name of Nickolo Land: a unique playhouse for kids under nine, and an adventure park. In the Adventure Park section, Nickolo's challenging high-altitude games, exciting activities, and ninja path have been designed. This section includes rope and movement games on two levels. There is no age limit for this section, and children over 10 years old and adults can use it.

Nickolo Adventure Park in Tehran Book Garden
Adventure yourself in the biggest book store in Iran at Nickolo Adventure Park, Unknown 

Last but not least comes the largest book store in Iran with its two blocks of adult and kid-teenager departments. It is a big book land that acclaims more than hundreds of thousands of unique book titles and so many educational, amusement and cultural products, brain teasers and stationery items to buy. The book collection incorporates a very large set of reach volumes from European classics to Iranian literature.

Bagh e Ketab the largest book store in Iran
Bagh e Ketab is the biggest permanent bookshop in Iran, Unknown

Tehran Book Garden, an action and discovery complex

To describe Tehran Book Garden it is better to categorize visitors as bibliophiles and those who are coming to spend time and gain fun basically together. Actual Tehrani people choose this place to discover books, amusements, leisure, food and work in a different space.

The academic complex of Book Garden is also a mini country for social connections. It is a dynamic urban space that can serve the identity of Iran since it has many clients of all ages coming from different cultural and social backgrounds to relax and have fun. This garden is built to encourage you to be active and creative.

tehran book garden in iran
Book Garden is a fun and knowledge site, Unknown

The Garden architecture designs green hills

Tehran Book Garden in the Abbas Abad region, in the centre of Tehran, is an independent gem known as the best bookstore in the capital of Iran. Considered one of the world's largest permanent places to exhibit books it was built in an area of about 65,000 square meters. In addition to its pleasant ambience, the design of the whole 3-level spacious structure is a real attraction where large glass windows reflect the beauty of the surrounding greenery.

From above when looking at the Abbas Abad hills, the architecture starts speaking. A glassy knoll on the hills with a rooftop garden filled with many cafes and a warm atmosphere that visitors create with laughter and delight make this book garden a connection hub that tastes far more than what you expect.

Tehran Book Garden architecture
The landscape of Tehran Book Garden in Abbas Abad region, Unknown

Tehran Book Garden’s information

Work time: Sat. till Wed. from 9 a.m. to 21 – Thu. And Fri. and national holidays from 9 to 22

Website address:

Tel: +98 21 960 45500


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