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Climb to Mount Damavand to Encounter with Persian Myths

Climb to Mount Damavand to Encounter with Persian Myths

Damavand Climbing Tour | On the roof of Iran and the birth place of undeniable myths

4 Days and 3 nights
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On the roof of Iran and the birthplace of undeniable myths tied with the culture and history of Persia, the challenge of a lifetime calls every nature enthusiast. This is the kind of experience which imprints everlasting memories on the mind.  Go for it to conquer this white jewel on a four-day trek ascend to the 5609 meters to hug the highest potential volcano peak of Middle East and listen to the thousand year old legends of it putting your ears on its bosom.

What you experience
  • Ascending to the Iran’s highest peak and Asia highest volcano

  • Enjoying the breathtaking view on top of Mount Damavand and the pristine nature on your way

  • 4*4 Jeep safari at the foot of the world's dome, Damavand peak

  • Sleeping in the camp of conquerors of Mythical summit of mount Damavand

  • Getting to know about the lengends whose birth place was Damavand mountain

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Jun 25th
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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts, 3 lunch during climbing state, 3 dinners
  • Transportation: transfer to and from Tehran, 4*4 jeep to and from Polour, 3. All inland transfers are covered based on the requested route
  • Accommodation: One night camp in Mosque resort ( Goosfand-sara, 2950m), two nights tent camp in 1450m, Advance camp
  • Other services: English certificated mountain guide, carrying one bag with the mules from Mosque camp to the advance camp at altitude of 4150 m
  • Reineh natural hot spa can be provided at customer's own charge
  • Not included: Permit of mountain climbing, Visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights, Tips to guide (Optional), personal equipment, single supplement, extra climbing day, extra services not indicated in the itinerary
  • Sleeping bag
  • Base and cortex gloves
  • Sun Glass and hat
  • Trekking shoes
  • Extra socks
  • Trekking pants
  • Thermal layers
  • Head light
  • Trekking Poles
  • Cortex Jacket
  • Sunscreen

Climbing Mount Damavand is more than trekking, it's an encounter with legends. Your adventure starts in Tehran, from where the snow cone-shaped peak of Mount located in the central part of Alborz mountain range, is visible just reminds its Japanese counterpart Mount Fuji. Standing proudly at the horizon, it's one of the world's most accessible 5000 meters mountains.

Mount Damavand from Lar National park side
Mount Damavand from Lar National Park side, Nima Mahdipour | TasteIran

Icy path and sacred shelter

Yet, it's not without challenges. In spring, the surroundings of Mount Damavand are stretched with fields of yellow and red flowers, testifying of the preserved natural life of Lar National Park. Gather your strength, materials, and get ready to challenge the giant volcano. It's at her footstep, already at a height of 3000 meters, that you spend your first night, in a sacred shelter: a picturesque mosque with a shining golden dome. It's time to get accustomed to altitude while getting closer to the peak by each step.

Wake up the next day in a nest of wildlife and be ready to ascend the symbol of the Iranian resistance. Slowly step on the icy path as you go further to reach the night shelter, at 4200 meters.

Damavand advance camp over clouds
The Sunrise at the hillside of Damavand, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

"The mountain from which smoke and ash arises"

Appreciating the dramatic view on your way, you can realize why this massive volcano has been the centre of many tales, from Zoroastrian texts to Persian poetry. Enveloped in a halo of cloud, it's a place of rich wildlife, and even if its last eruption occurred 7300 years ago, it's not totally dormant. On your way to the crater, you can smell the disturbing aroma of sulfur expelled in the air. "The mountain from which smoke and ash arises" has not fallen asleep yet.

Damavand volcanic summit
The active volcano of Damavand emits sulfur smoke, Narges Goudarzi | TasteIran

Reaching the Damavand’s Holy Grail

After a night of deserved rest in advance camp waking up and having breakfast in the light of the head torches it is time to meet up with gorgeous peak. Going upper, you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the Lar Lake which spread at the mountain's foot. On the peak pour your soul with the once in a lifetime landscape then head down prior to the sunset, for the last night in the bed of the mountain.

On the last day, get back to the golden-domed mosque, before reaching Polour, progressively getting accustomed to seeing sights of civilization again. As you reach Tehran, you bring with you a sense of gratitude and fulfilment, after having surpassed your own limits in the heart of the mythical Mount Damavand.

Lar dam view from the peak of Damavand
The view of Lar lake and dam from the top of Damavand mountain, Hanie Rahmati | TasteIran

Brief Itinerary

Day1 – Tehran-Polour
You will be collected from your accommodation by your guide. Leaving Tehran to Polour city, in the way we can visit Imamzadeh Hashem shrine in the rocky trail of Alborz mountains. Getting to Iran's climbing federation building, where we are having lunch and getting ready to head to the next level with the 4WD jeep.

We reach the Mosque, or second camp, at an altitude of 3000 meters. Giving loads to the mules and start getting used to the altitude. Overnight in camp tent.

Day 2 - Climb to the Hut
Start climbing up to the next shelter, at 4150 altitudes, enjoying the view of Lar Lake and the dam. Rest in high camp and have a meal. Overnight camp in advance shelter.

Day 3 - Summit Day
Waking up at 4:30, we are having breakfast and start ascending to the peak. We gain 1140 meter elevation in 7-8 hours, before descending for 2 to 3 hours. Overnight in advance camp.

Day 4, Back to Tehran
Back to the mosque from high camp in about 2 hours before driving to Polour (2 hours). From there, the transfer to Tehran takes about 3 to 4 hours ride.


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