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Adventure in Classic Route of Iran with Motorcycle

Adventure in Classic Route of Iran with Motorcycle

Iran Motorcycle tour on classic path | Put on your helmet and embark on a 1500 kilometers ride through the immemorial Persia

12 Days and 11 nights
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Iran is one of those few countries which still feels like an untouched gem. Few visitors think about exploring it by motorcycle, whereas it provides a truly unique experience with more intimate and special connection with local people. And in Iran, you won't be able to put one foot on the ground without meeting someone eager to exchange with you over a cup of tea!

Put on your helmet and embark on a 1500 kilometer ride through the immemorial Persia: From Shiraz, the city of poets and delicate gardens, to the immensity of harsh deserts, via the blue jewel of Isfahan and the sandy wind catchers of Yazd, discover the pure and enchanting face of Iran escorted with an English speaking guide and mechanic though the whole journey.

What you experience
  • A one-way journey with motorcycle, exploring world heritage treasures of Iran

  • Meeting up with Shiraz, enchanting city of gardens, colorful mosques, shrines and bazaars and savory Shirazi foods as well as Yazd's and Isfahan's

  • Exploring the adobe city of wind catchers, and enjoying its fairytale-like nights

  • Visiting impressive fire temple hidden in between remote Mountains and desert

  • Discovering Nowhere! The 4500 year old Zoroastrian symbol, the only living creature that saw Marco Polo in Abarkuh

  • conquering a 2700m Pass in the remote Mountains to reach mountain villages

  • Taking a day tour in desert toward the salt lake and Maranjab caravanserai

  • Having the escort of your guide coming along you during the whole route to provide safety and any need is requires

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Breakfasts, lunches, dinners, teas
  • Transportation: Taxi transfers to and from the airports, motorbikes, petrol, transportation of motorcycles at starting and finishing points
  • Accommodation: twin-share beds in hotels and guesthouses
  • Other services: The escorted English speaking guide and mechanic, support Pick Up with driver, riding gear if required, emergency medical kit, prepaid Iranian SIM card
  • Not included: Visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights, entrance fees, personal expenses, tips, laundry, extra meals, snacks, and drinks
  • International driving license, in combination with a valid motorcycle driving license
  • Gloves and jackets: it is recommended to bring warmer ones between November and April
  • Comfortable clothes for the sightseeing on foot
  • Own personal medical kit. Your guide's emergency kit is reserved for emergency only
  • Please consider carrying a light luggage, less than100 liters. Be aware that your suitcase will be carried in the Pick Up which won't be accessible during the rides. It is recommended to carry a small backpack to keep your personal belongings with you
  • Sunscreen and sunglasses are necessary

Travelling by motorcycle is one of the best ways to fully enjoy a country's landscapes while experiencing an exceptional sense of freedom. Because Iran has plenty of breathtaking rides and scenic roads to offer, this tour gives you the opportunity to combine the pleasure of the road with the discovery of its most famous cities, covering the most touristic path.

Welcome to the city of Verve

It's in Shiraz, one of Persia's former capitals that your adventure begins. Immerse yourself into its delightful mood and sour orange smell in the weather, visit its awe-inspiring mosques and impressive shrines or relax with a Persian tea in one of its captivating bazaars. The next day, it’s time to get on your bike and our first ride takes us to the divine Eram Garden and Bamou national park.

Eram Garden, a Persian garden in Shiraz
Eram Garden in Shiraz, UNESCO world heritage, Farhad Abolghasemi | TasteIran

Leaving Shiraz behind, we embark on a journey in the footsteps of the Achaemenid Empire, riding to the World Heritage Sites of Persepolis and Pasargadae. It’s here, in these loads of culture next to Cyrus the Great's final resting place that we spend the night.

Like a green waterfall gurgling from the soil as Marco says…

On the following day, we leave the Fars province, heading toward Yazd. However, in the way we stop in where you visit the exceptional character all over the country, the only living being in the world has seen Marco Polo. "Abarkuh Cypress", known as Sarv-e Abarkuh, has almost 4500 years-old. It's a belief that Zoroaster had planted this tree.

It's time to dive into the sand dunes and infinite landscapes of the desert. One of those dusty roads is leading to the ghost town of Dehshir, before climbing up the Shir Kuh Mountain and offering a ride surrounded by bizarre rocks formations. As the night approaches, the sight of the windcatchers of Yazd appears on the horizon, announcing your final destination for the day.

Immerge in the sweetness of Yazd

Yazd, master in architecture; the modest world heritage city with its patient residents that never neglect to bring novelty to their arid land in the middle of the desert. You are to wander into its narrow ochre streets, the mouthwatering taste of Qottab, Lozi, Pashmak delights,  don't miss out to step under the picturesque arc of blue Jameh Mosque and getting lost in time under the symmetrical alcoves of Amir Chakhmaq Complex.
Leaving Yazd behind, find back your two wheels to join Naein, some 170 kilometres away. Meanwhile, make a detour to the nested village of Chak Chak, the most sacred mountain and the well-hidden shrine of Zoroastrianism with its beautiful fire temple. Riding between the Zagros Mountain and Dasht-e Kavir desert in this endless sea of dust is an epic drive experience, after which you reach Isfahan, the marvellous blue city known as "half of the world".

Passing through Zagros range to Isfahan
Passing through the Zagros range, Farhad Abolghasemi | TasteIran

Isfahan, The image of the world

As for Yazd, we take a full day to visit the city. For once, allow yourself to get lost in the alleys of the bazaar, surrounded by the smell of spices, before being in awe in front of the beautiful blue-domed mosques of Naghsh-e Jahan square or alive bridges.

 After a night in this enchanting atmosphere, it’s time to hit the road again and explore the Karkas Mountains. We kick in the gears to access some remote mountain villages. As the Sun is going down, enjoy your arrival in Kashan, with the sunset colouring the sky in flaming red.

Finding mirage in Maranjab desert

Tehran is getting closer, but before reaching it, experience an incredible sandy day off the tarmac: drive into the spotless sand of Maranjab desert with the dunes as the sole horizon. You may catch sight of a beautiful caravanserai hidden in the sand dunes unless it’s a mirage! Explore the area to discover it…before setting the course on the vast silvery Namak salt lake. Spend an unforgettable night in the desert before heading, on the next and last day, to the city of Mountains in front, Tehran.

Motorcycling tour in Maranjab desert, Iran
The adventure of the desert by motorcycle, Farhad Abolghasemi | TasteIran

Brief Itinerary

This tour is a one-way trip from Shiraz to Tehran.
In Shiraz, you are welcomed by your guide the evening before the departure, to attend a briefing session and discuss the itinerary.

On the first day, you can freely visit Shiraz, discover its bustling bazaar, its mystic Hafez and Saadi's tombs, and its blazing Holy Shrine of Shah Cheragh.

Start getting familiar with the bikes on the second day, for a ride toward the heavenly Eram Garden, and then around Bamou national park.

On the third day, you leave Shiraz for the northeast, in order to visit the World Heritage Site of Persepolis and spend the night at Pasargadae.

On day fourth, an incredible ride through the arid province of Yazd is waiting for you, before spending the night in the hometown of the oldest living tree, Zoroaster cypress in Abarkuh village.

The next day, go deeper into the desert, to explore the ghost town of Dehshir, before reaching Yazd at sunset.

In Yazd, you can spend a whole sixth day and night to enjoy the charming city of adobe, the 23rd heritage of Iran listed in UNESCO heritage list. Visit the graceful Jameh Mosque and its delicate mosaics and painted-tiles, before exploring the Qanat, an underground water canal accessible from the mosque. Don’t miss the Amir Chaghmag complex with its impressive three-storey façade, made of a series of perfect and symmetrical alcoves.

On day seven, embark again to ChakChak, one of the most important Zoroastrian sites: Beautifully nestled in the mountain, this sacred site offers a stunning view over the valley, and its fire temple, reached by climbing 230 steps, is one of the most beautiful. From there, head toward the city of Naein for the night. 

For the eighth day, follow an incredibly scenic road between the mountain and the desert to finally enter Isfahan.

In this city, known as "Half of the world" for its many wonders, we appreciate a full day (ninth day) to visit its blue mosques, discover its bazaar and palaces.

On the tenth day, you are back on the tarmac, to make your way through the Zagros Mountains and toward the lovely town of Kashan.

For the eleventh day, experience a ride into the sand, in the Maranjab desert, one of the most beautiful deserts of Iran. There, you can explore an ancient caravanserai as well as a splendid salt lake.

Finally, for the last day, hit the road toward your endpoint, Tehran, the capital city of Iran.

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.