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Celebrate Nowruz 1399, the Iranian New Year Eve

Celebrate Nowruz 1399, the Iranian New Year Eve

Nowruz, Persian New Year tour | Each region, city, and even small village has its own remarkable rituals for Nowruz, Go for it!

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Nowruz is the official celebration of the Persian New Year, based on the most precise calendar in the world, the solar calendar on March 21. Each season has a unique effect and role in the social life of people. For Iranians, the beginning of spring is celebrated as the New Year, which comes with the death of winter, affiliating human beings to the rebirth of nature. It's the most important celebration of Persian culture. This tradition goes back to the Zoroastrians, for whom Nowruz is far more than a feast, and is bestowed to the god "Ahura Mazda" and the day of marking the creation of the universe.

Are you interested in celebrating Nowruz with local people in Iran?

Wherever you are during your journey over Iran, you are going to participate in this national event, which is held during two weeks following the New Year's Eve. You cannot miss this experience, celebrate this magnificent event with local Iranian participants together in a local or traditional house.

What is your fortune for New Year?

Iranians believe that the destiny of each person for the New Year to come is determined during the New Year's Eve. That is why it's so important to gather with the loved ones, to share joyful moments altogether, and read into Hafez's poetry the signs of the delightful year which is about to start.

What you experience
  • Gathering with the local people of a region for the first night of the Persian New Year at a traditional house or a local eco lodge

  • Learning about the stories, rituals, activities, foods and other specificities of Nowruz events in an authentic setting

  • Having the opportunity to witness and participate in the real atmosphere of the most important and beloved tradition in Iran

  • Observing the variety of customs related to Nowruz in different parts of the country

  • Sharing special local foods only cooked for this event, beverages, delights and delicacies with locals

Location & Paths
  • Meal: Special dinner, Tea, Cookies and delights, nuts and seasonal fruits
  • Not included: Accommodation, Transportation
  • There is nothing required to bring except your sense of joy

When Nowruz came to the existence

According to mythology, Nowruz belongs to the first Iranian dynasty, Pishdadian Dynasty. It is the 4th king, the most favourite figure in ancient Persian times, Jamshid, considered as the greatest monarch the world had ever known. In the Persian tradition, king Jamshid had a large throne that only angels, and demons, were able to move. One day, he sat upon his jewel-studded throne and rose in the sky, astonishing all its subjects. On this day, which was the first day of spring, for the first time celebrated Nowruz, which means “New Day”.

Haft Seen table of Nowruz
The Haft Seen table welcomes to Nowruz, Persian New Year, Shiva Shamshiri | TasteIran

Don't be a spectator, Come to the ground

Far from myth and history, Nowruz is a public ceremony in Iranian and Mesopotamian culture since 5000 years before in the region. In Persepolis, the Achaemenid capital and a religious centre, there were held lavish rituals and celebrations. It is believed that every Persian king went to Persepolis, once a year, to celebrate Nowruz and the first days of the New Year.

Nowadays, this celebration takes place in Iran and is deeply rooted in Iranian culture. Each region, city, and even a small village has its remarkable rituals for Nowruz. There are also everyday rituals, such as the "Haft Sin" table, the equivalent of Christmas Tree and Nativity Scene for Christians, which can be seen all over the country. Participating in this experience, you can appreciate this event in a traditional house, with local people, in the cities of:


- Kashan


- Shiraz


- Gilan


- Your requested city

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