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From Shirkooh Mountain to Desert, Off the Reality to Truth

From Shirkooh Mountain to Desert, Off the Reality to Truth

Shirkooh climbing tour | Ascend to the highest peak of central Iran and relax in nether land of desert

3 Days and 2 nights
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Iran is an unparalleled land of contrasts, where the snow-capped mountains stand at the doorstep of the vast land of the sunshiny desert.
Brave the cold to ascend the highest peak of Central Iran with a professional local mountain guide, and be rewarded with a spectacular view on top of Mount Shirkooh, at 4075 meters of altitude. Enjoy a pure night sky and pristine nature, before walking barefoot over sand dunes of nether land. Savouring the ritual of Persian Hammam and getting traditional massage integrating with the conquering feast food, regain your strength battling with gravels of the desert.

What you experience
  • Ascending to Shirkooh , the highest peak of the central mountain range of Iran (4075m)

  • Sleeping in a mountain shelter, at 3500 meters above the sea level

  • Trekking in mountain villages, among a sanctuary of wildlife

  • Pampering with a traditional massage in a Persian bath after conquering the peak

  • Spending an unforgettable night in the silence of Yazd’s desert

  • Bird watching in an oasis in the middle of the desert

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 3 breakfasts ( two in mountain and one in the desert camp), 2 lunches (one in mountain and one in a traditional restaurant in Yazd), 2 Diners (1 diner in mountain and chicken Kebab in the desert)
  • Accommodation: Two nights ( One in a mountain shelter, one in the desert camp)
  • Transportation: Private care to and back from Yazd and mountain and desert (an off-road car in the desert is optional)
  • Other Services: English spoken mountain guide, traditional bath and massage
  • Not included: Entry fee for the sites not mentioned in the itinerary, travel insurance, international airfare, excess baggage charges, airport and departure taxes, meals not stipulated in the itinerary, tips (optional), cost of medical immunizations, phone calls, any other services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Appropriate shoes for trekking
  • Proper backpack
  • Climbing stick
  • Warm clothes and extra socks
  • Headlamp
  • Sleeping bag

If you're looking for a challenging and rewarding experience, this mountain and desert trekking is going to have all your boxes ticked! You're about to feel the warmth of the desert and the coolness in altitude of the mountain, within 24 hours!

Shirkooh mountains of Iran
 Heights of Shirkooh mountains, Amirhossein Hashemi | TasteIran

Ascending to the highest peak of Shirkooh mountains "The Lion Mountain" we start hiking through a valley to encounter an extraordinary nature that makes this journey worth every minute. You may catch sight of a furred little head with rounded ears, sneaking in the vegetation by chance... It's just one of the inhabitants of the place, a small gentle mammal similar to rabbits called "Pika", or Mountain goats grazing, running fast.

Shirkooh wildlife
Cute Pika inhabitant of mount Shirkooh, Amir Hossein Hashemi | TasteIran

Majestic scenery on top of Shirkooh peak

Reaching the top of Shirkooh, your efforts are rewarded with a stunning view over the Najib Valley. From this breathtaking viewpoint, gaze at the Karkas Mountain of Kashan, 350 kilometres away, as well as the Bell Mountain, some 220 km toward the west. At the horizon, the dramatic silhouettes of imposing Barfkhane Peak (4005m), having snow during 9 months of the year just in the heart of the barren desert and Aseman-Nema Peak (3870m) appear like enchanting shadowy figures. Sleeping in the great silence of the mountain, you can appreciate a rare sky full of stars away from any modern noise and light pollution.

Shirkooh mountain hiking
The highest peak of central Iran stands in the heart of Iranian plateau, Amir Hossein Hashemi | TasteIran 

Hammam and massage in the purest Persian tradition

Descending from the peak shelter, you are daydreaming of true leisure and refection in your mind; wait for your dream to come true in so near future.  Back to the city of Yazd in the wonderful UNESCO listed historical city, plunge straight in the unique experience of getting a massage in Hammam, the Persian bath. For centuries, hammams have been an integral part of the Iranian culture, as they were not only a place to clean up but moreover a social gathering. After the epic of Yazdi hammam, it's time for enjoying the Abgosht and native cuisines in an authentic restaurant as memorable gratitude to your fitness.

From the snowy mountain to the sandy desert

Several thousand meters altitude separates you from another earthly wonder: the vast lands of the desert while sunset turning the dunes into the fire. The next chapter is observing the star-full sky. At the end of the day, grant yourself some feasts by tasting a delicious homemade chicken kebab, cooked in the middle of the sand dunes and after soiree around bonfire catch one of the best dreams of your life in this desert camp. The same pace with the Sun, record sunset forever in your mind and in the middle of this sea of sand, attend to the exceptional spectacle of migrating birds reuniting around an artificial pond in the desert, benefit your bird watching characteristic.

Yazd desert
The magic of the desert, Mazieh Mandegari | TasteIran


Bird watching or Birding in Yazd desert
Birding in Yaz desert, Mazieh Mandegari | TasteIran


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