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From Rosewater to Excursion in Kashan

From Rosewater to Excursion in Kashan

Rosewater festival tour in Kashan | A visit to damask rose gardens and rosewater distillers in the middle east's pole of rosewater

2 Days and 1 night
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Being carried away by the exceptional fragrance of the most famous Rose flower in the world within a field of pink flowers burgeoning under the morning dew emanates to paint your dreams pink. High in the rangelands of Kashan in villages that are the colour of the rose flower, join rose picking competition with native farmers and experience distillation with alembic with flowers which you picked from the garden.

When the secret of popularity of this Golab (rosewater in Persian; Gol means flower, Ab is water) unfolds through the history of rosewater distillation, you get familiar with the benefits of Damask rose and aromatic plants before pampering yourself with aromatherapy and traditional bath to pierce the original beauties of Kashan.

What you experience
  • Experiencing the Harvest of  Damask roses among local farmers

  • Learning how to make distillate of rose flowers from traditional to modern methods

  • Having  aromatherapy and the ritual massage with rosewater in traditional Persian bath

  • Learning the benefits of local herbs in traditional Persian medicine

  • Visiting the most famous sights of Kashan, from its UNESCO world heritage garden to Qajar monuments

  • Tasting delicious local dishes and herbal drinks in traditional home stay

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: 2 breakfasts, 2 lunches, 1 dinner
  • Accommodation: traditional home stay
  • Transportation: To and back from different locations stipulated in itinerary
  • Other services: English guided-tour, advice from specialists of herbal medicine and traditional Iranian medicine, Traditional massage with rose water and drinking herbal drinks in traditional Iranian bath
  • Not included: Entry fees for sites not mentioned in the itinerary, any additional meals, drinks, tips (optional), insurance, , Cost of medical immunizations, phone calls, any other service not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunscreen
  • Sun glasses

From the Persian poet Omar Khayyam to the British writer William Shakespeare, so far people have succumbed to the enchanting fragrance of the Damask rose. Stepping into a vast rose garden within the first lights of the day; you too might fall under the spell of this precious flower.

Damaskas rose festival in Kashan, Iran
You might fall under the spell of beautiful Dasamkas roses of Kashan, TastIran

To find the world's best Damask roses, one has to travel to the half-mountainous and half-desert city of Kashan. Here in Iran, is the original location for the cultivation of this flower, called Gol-e Mohammadi in the Persian language. Its heavenly scent and its numerous health benefits make it the pride of the region and one of the world's most sought-after fragrances.

With the first lights of the day, follow locals to a garden overlooking the valley to unravel its pink treasure. Among the tall bushes, lost yourself in the sea of pink flowers. Upon generations, families have gathered to manually pick the precious flowers during the first hours of the day: it's the only way to ensure the sun doesn't steal the essence of the petals.

Rose picking in kashan
Discover the thousand-year-old secrets of the culture of the rose in Kashan, TasteIran

From flowers to flavoured water and essential oil

Once this pink harvest is over, it's time for the magic of Alembic. Amidst the most experienced craftspeople, discover the secret of the rosewater process, from the ancestral to the most advanced techniques. In the Rosewater museum, you can observe traditional instruments and learn about the hundred years of history behind this plant. This valuable liquid has remained essential to every Iranian's household, as its taste perfumes many delicious Persian foods.

Traditional Persian bath in Kashan
Traditional Persian bath and massage with rosewater in the pink tour, TasteIran

Even more precious is the Damask rose's essential oil, entirely pure and natural. Learn about the many miracles this oil can achieve, but the best way to realize it is to experience it yourself by enjoying massages and skin cares in aromatherapy and relaxing in a private traditional bath let the masseur care for you in an original Persian style while you pleasure herbal drinks in the bath.

Learn about the Persian culture through plants

Damask rose is far from being the only therapeutic plant cultivated in Kashan. Traditional Persian medicine is based on herbs and plants and has never been outshined by modern medicine. Learn about aromatic herbs with a local specialist and hike to the rangelands of Kashan to plant the seeds of these nature's gifts.

Finally, plunge into numerous touristic attractions of the Golab city of Kashan; Golab means rose water in the Persian language. Find back the delicate rose flowers in the UNESCO listed "Fin Garden", one of the finest examples of Persian Gardens. Travel through times at the archaeological sites of Sialk Hills, and its 8000 years of history. Jump into centuries after, to appreciate the refinement of the Qajar era, in the astonishing Abbasian Historical House, Sultan Amir Ahmad Bathhouse, and Great Mosque of Kashan.

Aghazadeh two storey mosque in Kashan
Aghazadeh mosque in Kashan has a significant storey building, Hamed Dastpak | TasteIran

Brief Itinerary

Day1: Being picked up from Imam Reza Square of Kashan city at 6:30 you will have an early morning breakfast at 7 a.m in the rose garden to join locals for a flower picking event. Visiting a rosewater distillation site having lunch with the local dishes. Then we will visit the rosewater museum and Kashan landmarks according to the itinerary and return to a local eco-lodge for rest and overnight.

Day2:  Nature hike to village's rangelands to be introduced to local medicinal and aromatic herbs by a specialist and planting seeds of medicinal plants in nature. After having traditional lunch it is time for a Persian traditional bath and the most exciting part of the tour is getting a massage with rosewater and aromatherapy in the bath to end the pink experience in the evening around 6 p.m.

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