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Local Cooking Tour in Varzaneh

Local Cooking Tour in Varzaneh

Persian cooking tour in desert village of Varzaneh

Half day
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On your trip to the central desert cities in Iran stop for a food adventure in 5000 years old Varzaneh village. A peaceful village endears itself to all who pass by it. Visiting Varzaneh high sand dunes at the vicinity of the vast Salt Lake gets more remarkable if you fancy a local cooking class which is being conducted by a local housewife and mother who is fond of leading you into the world of Persian cookery and the secret stories of it. 

What you experience
  • Shopping in the local market of the desert village

  • Prepare a traditional cuisine, side dishes and decorate the table in a Persian style 

  • Travel to the Iranian kitchen and a local house

  • Learn about Iranian food customs, spices and the basic of Persian medicine 

  • Try Iranian herbal tea and traditional homemade snacks

  • Be introduced to the Iranian culture and traditions 

  • Fruit picking in the homey garden which is seasonally possible 

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Homemade local breakfast, home-cooked lunch, additional side dishes, Persian brewed tea, traditional snacks, cold beverages and herbal tea
  • Other services: English speaking guide, walking tour in local market, all ingredients, written recipes of dishes made in class, insights of Varzaneh culture and Iranian medicine in brief, seasonal fruit picking in private garden
  • Not Included: The service of a translator for any other language than English, any extra meals or extra visits and service
  • Being a foodie and picnic fan

On this half-day Persian food tour, you are going to see a local house in the southeast part of Isfahan province besides learning about Persian medicine and culinary secrets first-hand. 

Get to the cooking culture with local codes 

If cooking is a universal skill, then the most skilful cooks of the world are inevitably housewives and mothers who have been cooking a lifetime for their family. That is what our Varzaneh cooking tour aims for, to add a motherly taste to your trip. 

Feel home, step in the classic house with a courtyard full of flowers, vegetables and fruit trees embedded in the centre. Get to know this native atmosphere of Iranian home in a time-honoured village and cultural neighbourhood. 

For the morning warm-up let's start with a special local breakfast that is prepared just for you. It is a homemade seasonal breakfast only locals in Varzaneh make and have. A great refreshment that enriches your experience. The Iranian breakfast tradition varies from province to province and sometimes city to city and here it is what Varzaneh offers to its tentative visitors. 

cooking tour in Varzaneh
Persian cookery secret in Varzaneh tour, Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi | TasteIran

We go shopping for the ingredients from the local market and hang around native groceries with lots of whimsical herbs, different spices and Iranian indigenous medicines. After shopping, we go beyond the common barrier between the local community and tourist shelter. Let’s roll up sleeves and set to prepare the Iranian feast labelled with Varzaneh vantage! Follow the local cook going with recipes; peel, slice, pour, whisk, poach and roll. 

Appreciate multiple types of homemade pickles, garden vegetables and fruits, healthy snacks and different herbal teas all made at home. Depending on the season there are more culinary activities such as making yoghurt, cheese and pickles but if not, you will get to taste all seasonal side dishes with the main meal. 

Local grocery in Varzaneh, Iranian culinary tour
Shop for some ingredients from the local market in Varzaneh, Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi | TasteIran

Travel to the Iranian kitchen with local guide companies and cook by your side. Dare to make your taste buds crave more and bring it to the ultimate adventure. There is no limit on your way. Taste and ask. Sniff all spices and learn their indigenous names, application and go beyond the touch. There is a story to hear behind everything in there since we endear stories in this exceptional tour.

Iran cooking tour in Varzaneh
Cook Iranian food in Varzaneh desert village, Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi | TasteIran

Set the table for the Iranian feast

In this cosy and traditional setting of a private garden yard, reward yourself with a perfect lunch table and enjoy the savoury home-cooked meals you made to happen. Then complete your joy with brewing herbal tea you have bought from a local grocery while tasting traditional homemade snacks as a refresher.

Persian lunch table, varzaneh cooking tour
Travel to the Iranian food culture in Zarzaneh, Mohammad Javad Ebrahimi | TasteIran
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