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Travel Insurance for visiting Iran

Travel Insurance for visiting Iran

Before going on your trip to Iran, there are several details you need to check, and one of the most important, is also the one travellers wish they wouldn't have to think about: travel insurance! But better be safe than sorry: being covered for your travel is as important as ensuring your house and your car. Furthermore, in Iran, insurance is mandatory to obtain your travel visa.

Why do you need travel insurance?

The main purpose of travel insurance is to cover unexpected medical emergencies: whether you need to see a doctor, go to the hospital, or be repatriated, your insurance takes care of the fees (sometimes minus a franchise). In Iran, doctors and medical cares facilities, in general, are good, but the cost of such unexpected expenditure can be heavy on your budget.

Most insurances also cover travellers in case of lost or stolen personal belongings, such as luggage, laptop, etc. Moreover, they can assist you in case of flight delay and/or cancellation.

Why had you better get your insurance before your trip?

As mentioned earlier, insurance for your trip to Iran is mandatory. Whether you request your insurance in advance or on arrival (VOA), you will have to show a printed notice of your assurance, mentioning your dates of arrival and departure as well as "Iran". Some insurances only state "Middle-East", or "Asia": in that case, your insurance notice would be rejected. By requesting your insurance online before your trip, you would pay less, save time and take more coverage (request Iran travel insurance here).

How to take travel insurance

For all these reasons, finding good insurance is extremely important. Note that because of sanctions, some private companies aren't able to cover their clients for Iran. Saman insurance is one of the most reliable insurance companies for the tourist with the coverage perfectly designed for travelling to Iran, and TasteIran as an official agent of Saman company insures your trip with the coverage of expenses of emergency medical needs, loss of passport, ID card, driver license and luggage, or expenses of delayed baggage and legal aids (request your travel insurance here).

Using your credit card's insurance

Some travellers prefer to use the insurance of their credit card. If it's indeed possible, be careful about the limitations and conditions. Different types of credit cards (Visa Premium or Classic, Mastercard Gold, etc.) offer different types of coverage. Note that the flight tickets of your trip must have been bought using this credit card if you want to benefit from the insurance. Then, be aware that it's commonly limited to several months a year (usually three months per year).

Subscribe Iranian insurance at the airport

Finally, visitors who have decided to apply on VOA can also subscribe to Iranian travel insurance at the airport. The cost of such insurance is low (around 15 to 20 euros, for one month), but so is the coverage. Also, we recommend you to subscribe to insurance before your arrival to Iran, to save a considerable amount of time during the visa process at the airport.

Choosing the right travel insurance, which suits your budget as well as your needs, is an important matter. Not only for visa requirements but also to make sure that you enjoy your holidays with peace of mind.

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