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Tehran Ski Resorts

Tehran Ski Resorts
Photo by Iman Adlkhah | TasteIran

Tehran has a particular geographical location. It is very astonishing to reach ski resorts with less than 2 hours of drive to the north of Tehran, while by driving 3 hours to the south, you can enjoy the prodigious desert landscape.

Tehran is surrounded on the north by the Alborz mountain range. This mountain hosts skiers on ski resorts near Tehran from autumn to spring. If winter is right on the corner, you'd better consider Tehran as one of your winter's destinations as it has remarkable international ski resorts nearby the city. If you need somewhere remote, around the mountains to have fun with friends, here you will find the top six ski resorts around Tehran to spend a winter holiday there with joy and pleasure.

1- Dizin International Ski Resort

About 100 km from west of Tehran, by Chalous road, with its sublime landscape, you will reach the Middle East's most famous ski resort. Dizin International ski resort working season starts from December until about April. The impressive height of 3600 meters, causes this long ski season for Dizin. 

The north exposure of ski slopes, provide great and powdery snow quality all along the ski season. The ski area includes three chairlifts, four gondolas, and nine surface lifts. An interesting point near the spectacular views of this ski resort is where you can see Damavand Peak, the highest volcano in the Middle East. Seeing these beautiful sights will make you ski all day without becoming bored. However, the Dizin ski resort is vast, and probably you cannot visit all slopes in one day. 

Another advantage of this ski resort is its diverse accommodation possibilities for different tastes. Right next to the resort, you can find the Dizin Hotel, which is very convenient because of its location. Just about three km away, the Gajereh Hotel is located inside a quiet and relaxing nature with free shuttle service to Dizin Ski Resort. Also, you can stay in Seven Hostel in Dizin which has the same distance from the ski resort and free shuttle service either. 

The Dizin Ski Resort working hours are from 8 am until 4 pm. You'd better choose weekdays instead of weekends to get rid of long queues. You can even use the Dizin ski resort during summer, as it includes different sports facilities such as tennis courts, mountain climbing, and mountain biking. 

2- Shemshak International Ski Resort

Shemshak Ski Resort is Iran's second international ski resort and due to its complete facilities is one of the most popular ones. Shemshak Ski Resort was built near Shemshak village, where it has been a leisure area for Tehran's people in summer and winter due to its pleasant weather and proximity to Tehran. This resort is located about 60 kilometres northeast of Tehran, which is an hour and a half drive. As you drive along the road, you will see spectacular views of nature and natural glaciers which have created a perfect place for skiing. 

Situated close to the village of Shemshak, you can stay in wooden cottages and rental houses in addition to the ski resort hotels for the night. It's also not a bad idea to visit the Barin Shemshak Hotel because of its superb modern architecture that glows like a diamond in Shemshak. Another reason that motivates you to spend at least one night in Shemshak is the night ski route in the resort. The Shemshak Night Ski Resort, with its luminous yellow lights, provides an attractive and spectacular environment for skiers. You can enjoy skiing until 10 pm.

3- Tochal International Ski Resort

The idea of a ski resort that takes less than an hour away from the crowded Tehran is a little strange. But this unique experience could be found at the Tochal Ski Resort. To reach this ski resort, you just need to enter the Velenjak district, then use the Tochal gondola lift to reach the seventh station and see the slopes under your feet.

Although Tochal Ski Resort is located close to the urban environment, it is one of the cosiest ski resorts in Iran as it's situated between two valleys. Also, having 3900-meter height puts this resort among the highest ski resorts in the world. Tochal Ski Resort is the country's largest ski slope which can be used for about eight months of the year. The ski resort is open from early November to March. This resort also has facilities like the Tochal hotel, restaurants, ski school, gondola lift, and chair lift.

4- Darbandsar International Ski resort

Only 60 kilometres eastern north of Tehran, on Shemshak-Dizin road, Darbandsar resort is one of the most challenging resorts around the capital Tehran. The Darbandsar ski resort is one of the most updated and equipped private ski resorts in the country. This resort has some snowmakers and is provided by totally five ski lifts, two hammers, and two restaurants. The ski slopes are classified for beginners, professionals, and extreme skiers so everyone can enjoy skiing with safety. This ski resort also has night skiing slopes.

The Darbandsar ski school is one of the most valid schools where the federation's formal trainers are ready to teach ski lovers from beginner to advanced level.

5- Abali Ski Resort

Abali, is a well-known Ski resort for people of the capital, as it's the oldest ski resort in Iran. The first ski resort was equipped with ski lifts. Near Abali city, 60 kilometres from Tehran by Haraz road, this resort is located at 2650 meters' height. You'd better be there in the early morning to avoid the traffic jam. You can enjoy its five slopes, gondola, ski school, tennis courts, riding courts, and hot springs whole the year. The ski slopes are usable from December to March. Also, there are six restaurants, medical aid, ski lifters and parking for visitors' convenience.

Don't forget to try the famous Abali Doogh with Dizi for lunch to have an unforgettable meal there!

6- Khor Ski Resort

The Khor Ski Resort is located near the spectacular historical village of Khor with its outstanding nature. Khor, that means the sun, is a historic village located 32 km northeast of Karaj where you can reach there through Chalus road. With little crossing in the maze of mountains to the south of the Khor village, you will arrive at the Khor waterfall and Khor Ski Resort with its stunning nature.

This ski resort has two routes of 350 meters and 1850 meters and a daily capacity of 1300 skiers. It runs from mid-January until March, and it's open all weekdays for the public. The ski resort has facilities like a ski school, ski lift, snowmobile, mountain peak camp, and restaurant. Perhaps what makes this ski resort so unique and glorious is the Khor waterfall and the amazing path to reach there. It's located within two kilometres of the ski resort and is a perfect place for ice climbers in winter. In other seasons it is an excellent place for hiking and enjoying the mountain's fragrant weather.

By Reyhaneh Jafari / TasteIran

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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