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Family Tour Round Iran

Family Tour Round Iran

Iran Family Tour in Classic Path | Travel with your children around Iran because Iran has far more than what you think. Get to be in a tour written for families.

14 Days


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Nowadays, families tend to travel together to visit historical and cultural sites to expand the horizon of the youngest members. Facing different cultures and discovering new foods, arts, languages, etc is the best way to raise children as responsible global citizens. Travelling to Iran is a lifetime experience for families whereas the country overflows with a rich history and an unprecedented landscape, while culturally has such a family-friendly environment.

We are honoured to assist you in this 14-days experience which is meant for parents planning a child-friendly itinerary to Iran while visiting the most famous historical cities such as Kashan, Isfahan, Shiraz, Maymand, and Yazd and many UNESCO World Heritage Sites. This experience includes diverse entertaining activities to make your whole family enjoy their trip and gather priceless memories by encountering other local families and communicating with various ethnic groups in the cities and villages of Iran.

What you experience
  • Visiting 9 World Heritage sites of Iran along with many other historical sites

  • Getting familiar with Zoroastrianism, the main religion in ancient Iran

  • Enjoying different types of tasty local foods and cookies

  • Experiencing some Persian arts and crafts like weaving a Persian rug, wood inlay, etc

  • Learning about Iran's literature and its famous poets and philosophers

  • Being enchanted by charm of desert and its sand dunes

  • Visiting UNESCO-listed troglodyte village in Kerman province

  • Learning about Persian architectural features by visiting some extraordinary structures like Qanats, Yakhchals, windcatchers, etc

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: All breakfasts
  • Accommodation: 14 nights in hotels or traditional lodges
  • Transport: Transport between cities and within them with a sedan car , 8-seat van bus, 14-seat Hyundai H350 van
  • Other Services: Full time English-speaking tour guide, all expenses of driver and guide like food and accommodation, fuel and road tolls
  • Not included: Lunch and dinners, entrance fees, laundry, mini bar in the rooms, entry fee for the sites not mentioned in the itinerary, travel insurance, international airfare, excess baggage charges, airport and departure taxes, tips (optional), cost of medical immunizations, phone calls, any other services not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Personal items

Your journey starts in the capital city, in the old part of Tehran. Surrounded by sparkling mirrors and colourful tiles, have a taste of the lives of Qajar kings, princes and princesses in Golestan Palace. Walk in the old town and be amazed by the rich collections of artefacts in the different museums. After the loaded history and art, it's time to catch sight of migrating birds as a unique birdwatching experience with your kids in the first known park of Tehran with equipment and bird expert. In the evening let's reach up to the roof of Tehran or go to the foot of the Alborz mountains in Darband to feel the aliveness of the city shining in lights.

Golestan palace in Tehran
Golestan Palace, the imperial palace of Qajar kings, Daisy Lorenzi | TasteIran

Explore the wonders of Kashan

Today we hit the road. Our first stop leads to the rosewater city: Kashan whose landscapes of mud-brick domes evoke some sci-fi saga. Get the opportunity to appreciate the architectural wonders of its traditional houses, bazaars, mosques and traditional Hammam while the youngest fellows entertain themselves in the Puppet Museum through playing traditional games, making dolls, and listening to folk stories. On the next day in Kashan explore the vicinities, from the stunning Seljuk Citadel to the delicate Fin Persian Garden.

Enter Isfahan to climax the art slice of your trip

Continue your family road trip and set sail toward the gorgeous Isfahan, known as "half of the world" by world travellers. During two days stride across its most famous monuments, from the wonders of Naqsh-e Jahan Square to the Jameh Mosque, Chehel Sotun Palace, and Vank Cathedral, to get to know the history and cultural influence of this Safavid capital. Wander into the alleys of Qeysarieh Bazaar and stop by delicate crafts workshops. There you and your kids can be initiated to Persian arts such as enamelling or "Ghalamkar" fabric printing, by watching and making some of these handiworks. In the evening gather with Iranian families along the Zayandeh River, to admire the masterpiece bridges and dams of Khajou and Sie-o Se Pol.

Isfahan, half of the world and Naghsh-e jahan square
The pattern of the world at Naghsh-e Jahan Square, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Persepolis, a historical and timeless playground

Leave Isfahan to head toward Persepolis, the capital of the most glorious Persian Empire. At the heart of the Fars Province, there is the most well-known site in Iran and one of the world's most precious historical legacies. It's the occasion for your kids to take out their "travel journal" and explore Persepolis by its road map designed to give a comprehensive idea about the world profile of the site to complete their journal. After a full day among the impressive remains of the Persepolis complex and Necropolis, join Shiraz, known as sour orange blossoms city among Iranians.

The lightness of life in Shiraz

In Shiraz, you have two days to explore the town at your own rhythm. The city of gardens and nightingales has plenty of amazement to offer. In the historical city centre, the pretty Vakil Bazaar and the unrivalled Nasir-ol Molk Mosque, known as the Pink Mosque for the mesmerizing colours of its windows and the incredible light shows it creates, call you. Don’t forget to get your kick out of world heritage gardens as such Eram wrapped into incredible scents. Come by the mausoleums of Hafez and Saadi, the most beloved Iranian poets, where Iranian families like to gather to recite poems.

Nasir al-molk mosque or pink mosque in Shiraz
The play of light and colourful windows of Pink mosque, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Life in the otherworldly villages of Maymand and Taft

If you think the end of the trip is about to come, reconsider because your travel in time is yet to come. Your first-time travel is to Meymand village, a unique troglodyte village northwest of Kerman province. Discover a semi-nomadic lifestyle while your children have fun exploring the cave-houses of the village. Then go to a totally different hamlet in Taft village some20 km from Yazd, to stay with a Zoroastrian family in an eco-lodge surrounded by pomegranate fields. Explore the earthen alleyways of the village and the fruit fields around by bike. Discover one of the world's oldest religions through their specific food, songs and prehistoric language.

Yazd, Taft village
Having the highest peak of central Iran in the vicinity, Taft village is adorable, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

The magic of Yazd, the city of windcatchers

Get back on the road to meet the bride of the desert: Yazd. Meet with the magical desert in the Iranian plateau and let you feel its otherworldly peace setting down over gold sands or climbing sand dunes. Then enter the historical city of Yazd, its skyline of windcatchers or Badgirs and the eye-catching blue tiles of Yazd Jame mosque to discover scenery worth any fantasy tales. Simply wander into the maze of the old town, exploring its bazaar which Marco Polo described in his travelogue in 1272. In Dowlat Abad Garden, enjoy the lush capture and appreciate the magic of standing under the highest wind tower in the world.

Do pottery and knit carpet in Meybod

The wonders of Yazd province is not completed without visiting Meybod village which has the most absorbing pottery utensils of whole Iran. In a workshop have an exciting initiation by shaping mud on a pottery wheel. Discover Zilu weaving, the traditional local carpet made on an impressive wooden weaving loom. Then put on your explorer suits to visit the Sassanian castle, the Yakhchal, antic cooler storage, and the Pigeon Tower as indigenous structures. It's soon time to end up your fantastic journey through Iran by going back to Tehran. Before you reach the capital, have one last charming stop in the picturesque Abyaneh village, nested in ochre mountains known as the red village with the special colour of its buildings.

windcatcher or wind towers of Yazd
Badgir is a masterpiece indigenous structure of desert cities, Amin Karimi | TsateIran

Brief Itinerary:

Day 1:
Arriving in Tehran in the early morning, transfer to your hotel and rest. After taking breakfast at the hotel, the tour starts at

9 AM, by visiting the Golestan Palace (World Heritage Site). Eat lunch in a traditional restaurant; spend a short time in Park-e Shahr to experience bird watching with expert and professional equipment. Then visit the National Museum of Iran and go for a walk through the old part of the city, according to your request and time schedule.

Day 2:
Leaving Tehran for Kashan in the morning. In Kashan, visit the Puppet Museum and experience some activities like traditional games, making dolls and listening to the folklore stories of Iran. While children are doing these activities, it is an opportunity for parents to visit the Historical Houses nearby, have a coffee or tea in a local cafe. In Kashan, you can visit Agha Bozorg Mosque and School, the traditional Bazaar, Soltan Amir Ahmad Historical Hammam. For the night, stay in a traditional guesthouse.

Day 3:
Start the day by visiting Fin Garden (World Heritage). Have traditional Kashani food for lunch, and then visit the Seljuk citadel, along with a Yakhchal which have been used as cooler in the past.

Fin garden, one of the UNESCO listed world heritages in Iran
Fin Garden is one of the UNESCO-listed Persian gardens, Hamed Dastpak | TasteIran

Day 4:
Leaving Kashan to Isfahan, where you stay in a local house. In Isfahan, visit Naghsh-e Jahan square (World Heritage), eat lunch in a traditional restaurant, and experience some Persian arts like "Ghalamkar", enamelling and wood inlay in the Bazaar, along with locals sweets and drinks.

Day 5:
Visit the Jameh Mosque of Isfahan (World Heritage) and other historical places such as the ChehelSotoon Palace, Ali Qapu Palace, and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosque. During the day, spend time in a workshop with local children and play some local games near the historical bridges of Sie-o Se Pol and Khajoo.

Day 6:
Leaving Isfahan to Shiraz in the early morning, you visit Persepolis (World Heritage) and the necropolis en-route. To explore the site while having fun your children can use their "Travel Journal" in order to find historical monuments with their maps. At night, stay in Shiraz.

Day 7:
During the day, have a full discovery of Shiraz. Visit Eram Garden (World Heritage) and Narenjestan Qavam garden, to make a collection of Iran's local trees and plants and learn about different types of Iran's nature. Also visit the Tombs of Hafez and Saadi, the most famous Iranian poets.

mausoleum of Hafez, the Persian poet in Shiraz
Hafez mausoleum at night with moon, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Day 8:
Finish exploring Shiraz, by visiting the Vakil Hammam, Bazaar, and the stunning Nasir ol-Molk. Experience activities to learn about the Persian Art of decorating Mosque.

Day 9:
Leaving Shiraz to Maymand (World Heritage), located about 500 kilometres away. There, you can experience some outdoor activities and walk through this very ancient rocky village. Prepare local food with your host, and stay for the night in a troglodyte ecolodge.

Day 10:
Having fun activities around the village, observing the unique rural lifestyle in Maymand and learning about the lifestyle of semi-nomadic people.

Day 11:
Leaving Maymand to Taft, in order to experience some Zoroastrian events, foods, and customs in an eco-lodge surrounded by a pomegranate garden. Biking through the amazing adobe alleys of the village and the fruits gardens.

Zoroastrian lifestyle in Yazd, Taft village
A journey to the first monotheist religion in Iran, Zoroastrianism, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

In the morning, visit the desert and have fun in sand dunes. Then head toward to historical city of Yazd (World Heritage), visit several sites such as Dowlat Abad Garden (World Heritage), and walk through the cultural landscape of Yazd, with its bazaar and old town full of windcatchers.

Day 13:
Visit the historical city of Meybod and do some activities in order to learn about the different types of Iranian carpets in the Zilu Museum of Meybod and discover Pottery in a workshop. Explore the Castle of Narin and other historical buildings such as the Pigeon Tower. Stay in Meybod for the night.

Day 14:
Leaving to Tehran and visiting the village of Abyaneh-route. Overnight Tehran and getting ready to say goodbye to Persia.

Tehran, capital city of Iran at the foot of Alborz mountains
Surrounded by mountains, Tehran has captivating sights, Amin Karimi | TasteIran
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