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Experience Traditional Persian Bath in Iran

Experience Traditional Persian Bath in Iran

Qazi Hammam | Experience authentic Persian hammam in Iranian traditional bathhouses

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Take your vacation to the next level by visiting a time-honoured tradition in a live bathing museum. Soak up in the rich Persian culture with a cleaning adventure in Iran. Prepare to be soaped, scrubbed and massaged like never before in ancient Persian bath that brings you back to centuries before.

Feel extremely clean and get rid of the long-lived fatigue and dirt on your body. Join this experience to hear the history of Iranian cleanliness and touch the aesthetic beauty of Persian architecture in underground vaulted bathhouses centred with fountains and topped with the roves that insulted by straw while the blue harmonious tile work of the space ease your sight and the warmth of bathhouse unleashes your muscles.

What you experience
  • Enjoying the original architecture of ancient Persian bathhouses, its history and traditions

  • Bathing  in Iranian style by a professional attendant

  • Getting a once in a lifetime Persian massage by a skilled Dallak (masseur)

  • Getting body scrub with an indigenous peeling glove(kiseh) and chalk-like material (Sefid-ab)

  • Being served by traditional beverages and tea before and after bathing experience

  • Receiving  individual equipments like soap, scrubbing mitt and bath-wrap (Long) to take with you

  • Relaxing in traditional hot water pool and modern Jacuzzi equipped with water purification system

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Cold beverage and tea with a light snack in the bathhouse
  • Other Services: Explanation of bathhouses in Iran, Traditional Iranian massage, hot pool and water-filled basin, shower and new personal bathing supplies
  • Not included: Travel Insurance, Shopping, meals or drinks, tips (optional), transportation from and to your accommodation, personal calls
  • Extra clothing and underwear
  • If you have sensitive skin or are allergic to some products, bring your own soap and shampoo

What is a Persian Bath

Iranian traditional bathhouse or hammams were an integral part of daily life and a sign of a town or village development to reflect indigenous traditions and medicine. Bathhouses have never been a mere place for cleanliness but considered as a social and political event through the history of the country. In Iran, the earliest ruins of bathhouses are located at Chogha Zanbil which date back to 2000 BCE in the Elamite era. Bathing and purification were of utmost importance during the Sassanid period when Zoroastrianism was the state religion in Iran. But it was after the Arab conquest and Iranian's conversion to Islam that rituals and ablution became the requirements of everyone's life.

Persian bathing procedure

Entering the bathhouse or Hammam in Persian, you will be welcomed with a traditional cool beverage or warm tea and immerse into the history and rituals of the Iranian traditional bathhouses since prehistory and Persian myths till the Islamic era as a turning point for this unique tradition.

You will be also explained about the Hammam in which you are experiencing Persian bath, its history and background, after which you will be guided to the personal dressing cubicle area which is known as Sarbineh to undress and be handed a don a red-coloured bath-wrap which is called Long in Persian to cover up for modesty and slip into the sandals. (You will be told everything upon etiquettes to be followed in Hammam).

Iranian traditional bathhouse
The aesthetic beauty of the Persian Hammam, Foroogh Soltanian | TasteIran

Getting new personal bath supplies, now it's time to get your body bathed like never before to let every cell of your body breathe and speed up the blood circulation throughout your being.

Relax and loosen up in hot room or Garm Khaneh to sweat well and then the Dallak (Masseur/ Masseuse according to your gender) will take care of your bathing and the serious part of the Iranian bath takes place in Garm khaneh where the dallak soaks up your body with warm water, lather your body with bubbles of natural handcrafted soaps and massage you.

Hot pool or Jacuzzi in persian hammam
Feel rejuvenated and clean with bathing in traditional style, Foroogh Soltanian |TasteIran

 After washing up and traditional massage, you will have a scrubbing venture to slough off your dirt and dead skin by the skill of dallak or masseur and Kiseh, a hand-knitted washcloth to drag the dirt out of your skin. The words "no pain – no gain" will come to your mind during scrubbing but at the end, you are going to feel delightful, gently soaped and relaxed in hot water basin and jacuzzi before moving to the cold room, taking shower and being handed new towels to dry out.

Getting dressed, you will be offered a light snack and drink in the entrance hall before leaving the bathhouse feeling great and extremely clean.


  • You will get the masseur of the same sex as you are
  • It is recommended to remove make-up before bathing experience
  • Please bring the necessary toiletries 
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