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Top Hostels and Ecolodges of the Iranian Kurdistan

Top Hostels and Ecolodges of the Iranian Kurdistan
Photo by Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Budget accommodations in Kurdistan and Kermanshah 

One of the most beautiful areas to travel to in Iran is the western Kurdish region. The rare natural sites, neon green routs, and the lovely Kurdish people who speak Kurdish dialect and keep the vivid spirit of folklore dance, music and lifestyle make a memorable trip for each traveller.

The Kurdish region of Iran spread over Kurdistan, Kermanshah and Ilam provinces. Kermanshah and Kurdistan both have a rich history and remarkable natural sites. If you are an adventurous traveller that endears a deep touch of local life and culture, the best budget accommodations of Kermanshah and Kurdistan are listed below to help you come across the best itinerary and taste the original Kurdish custom. 

Ecolodges and traditional hostels in Kurdistan:

1-See You in Kurdistan Hostel and Art Residency (SYK)

This cultural hostel located in Marivan, the capital of Kurdistan province, is a branch of the See You in Iran travel platform (SYI). In addition to its warm and cordial surroundings and nice facilities, the hostel has sought to provide an environment for travellers to better understand Kurdish culture, art, customs, and traditions. As Iran's classic route of travelling does not include Kurdistan, a better understanding of Kurdish culture and history by communicating between locals and non-locals is one of the main goals of SYK.

see you in kurdistan hostel, Marivan

This hostel is the only English-friendly accommodation in Marivan. Since this complex has had a lot of research on Kurdish culture and art, the hostel owns an Art Residency to provide a cosy studio for cultural exchange between international artists and local artists.

Besides the Art room, Private rooms, dorm rooms, a communal kitchen, dorm rooms with bedrolls (which is traditional in Iran), public bathrooms and a cute café in a beautiful garden are the other facilities provided by the hostel. 

hostel in Kirdistan, Iran, See you in kurdistan

While See You in Kurdistan has a very reasonable price; this hostel has an excellent rate on Trip Advisor's reviews. Most travellers mentioned that it's a home-like place, and that made them want to stay longer. Accordingly, we suggest you include this hostel on your list when travelling to Kurdistan. Or maybe seeing an original destination with a great diversity of tribal culture and environmental aspects can be your reason to come by visit Kurdistan and enjoy your stay in this cultural-based hostel. 

You may want to read more and book on their website:

see you in kurdistan hostel

2- Tishk traditional homestay

Tishk's Ecolodge is located in the beautiful Doolab village owning more than 150 permanent springs, 45 kilometres of southwest Sanandaj country in Kurdistan province. Tishk in the Kurdish dialect means light. This 4-storey residence has a very spectacular mountain view. Tishk has three rooms decorated with native elements of the region and can accommodate up to twenty guests.

Facilities include a shared bathroom inside and another outside, bedrolls, and heating and cooling systems. Trekking, Agri tours, different local activity and experiential tours are provided for travellers by this traditional lodge. Tishk also makes many kinds of local bread. Guests can also order a variety of local Kermanshahi foods that are made with local organic ingredients.

Breakfast is also one of the advantages of Tishk. The breakfast includes local honey and butter, eggs, local yoghurt, and many other ingredients that make you ready to start an adventurous day. The residence is run by locals and foreign travellers should notice the lodge’s staff don’t speak English well.

3- Varan traditional homestay

Varan ecolodge is located in the beautiful villages of Kurdistan, Galin. This stepped village locates 50 km from Sanandaj. Varan ecolodge equipped its five rooms with bedrolls. Each room has a maximum capacity of 10 persons. There are three shared bathrooms in this accommodation, as well as a shared kitchen. Free breakfast, Wi-Fi internet, guides and convenient heating and cooling facilities are among the other amenities at this Ecolodge.

tishk ecolodge in kurdistan, iran

Alleyways of the village's paved gardens, the village's old, untouched texture that reflects the original architecture of the area, as well as the rooftops that became courtyards, are the charm of this stepped village. Bear in mind that this accommodation doesn't have English-speaking staff.

4-Trife traditional homestay

Trife Ecolodge with a friendly traditional interior hosts travellers of Doolab, 40 kilometres from Sanandaj, with a magnificent view. Trife in Kurdish means the halo of the moon.  Trife is a two-floor building. It comprises four rooms, each has the capacity of 10 people and is equipped with bedrolls. All rooms just have access to shared bathrooms. 

Facilities and services provided by Trife include parking, English-speaking staff, a fully equipped shared kitchen with cooking facilities, tour guides, heating, and cooling systems.

Ecolodges and traditional hostels in Kermanshah:

1- Oak Hostel

Oak hostel is located in Kermanshah, the heart of Iran's Kurdish region. This hostel is located in a quiet neighbourhood and has excellent access to the historical site of Kermanshah.  This hostel is a friendly place to interact with other travellers. The hostel’s staff will gladly give you any information you need to have about Kermanshah.

oak hostel in Kermanshah

The high security of this hostel and having a personal environment even in the dormitory rooms, along with the intimate surroundings and helpful staff made the hostel very lovely and home-like. Having bike storage, book exchange and free breakfast are some of the good points to consider about Oak.

oak hostel, kermanshah, iran

Private rooms, family rooms, dorm rooms with curtains around bed, electricity and reading lights make this hostel a comfortable choice for every taste. Clean and comfy rooms and a pleasant environment along with its central location probably are the reasons that made every customer satisfied as all reviews prove.

2-Satiar traditional homestay

Satyar Ecolodge is located in a village called Satyari in Paveh. Satyari is a beautiful, stepped village in the heart of the Zagros Mountains, situated in the Hawraman region.  As Satiar Ecolodge is situated in the steppe village of Satyari, you can visit the unique nature of this area, spectacular waterfalls, pomegranate celebrations, crafts, and organic products. This residence is built as a traditional house on two floors. It has four bedrooms, some of which have a full-service bathroom and some have a shared bathroom. 

Satiar eco lodge in Kermanshah, iran

The interiors of the rooms are decorated with indigenous handicrafts and traditional elements. Also, using bedrolls instead of the bed, make a pleasant atmosphere in this rural lodge. Free Wi-Fi, parking and English-speaking staff are among the other amenities available for the well-being of tourists.

3- Keekom Ecolodge

If you would like to experience rural life and taste nature in the heart of Kermanshah province and get to know the tradition and culture of the region, it is best to visit this place.

The residence has attempted to show you a complete sample of Kurdish customs, along with suitable accommodation. The horse farm, along with the nomadic tents, help you to get to know Kurdish culture while you're staying there. Situated around Kermanshah city, this residence has four separate buildings with a shared kitchen, bathroom, bedrolls, a large beautiful courtyard, and a garden. The interesting part of Keekom is the option of spending a night in a nomadic tent which is made with goat’s wool and looking at a star-studded galaxy while sleeping. 

The accommodation also has the option of ordering a variety of local cuisine for travellers. The meals are entirely organic and even with local herbs, cooked by a skilled local cook.


By Reyhaneh Jafari / TasteIran

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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