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Top Hostels of Tehran

Top Hostels of Tehran
Photo by Cedar hostel

The largest cosmopolitan city of Iran to dwell on the foot of Alborz Mountains, Tehran is truly a marvel city to surprise you with its global modernity and historic attractions.

There is numerous variety of accommodation in Tehran and the number of hotels and hostels are growing day by day, as a result in this article we aimed to introduce the hostels in Tehran that each one is one of a kind travel experience. Following this list of best hostels in Tehran can help you to overcome the overwhelming decision of choosing where to stay in this massive destination.

Among the hostels of Tehran, we provided a list to fit your needs while these listed-budget hostels are recommended by travellers, guide books and travel rating sites. The following hostels in Tehran have a special feature which is making moves in the sustainable tourism field in Iran and that's what matters the most.

Whatever your travel-style, this handy list of top hostels in Tehran will get you covered.

1. Cedar Hostel

Cedar is beautiful and calm

In one of the first neighborhoods from which the old Tehran started to grow in the nearest distance of Golestan palace at vicinity of the 200-year-old capital grand bazaar, there is a hidden treasure at the bottom of a dead-end alley with no sign of its wealth in outer façade, entering the house the pair of its blue iron doors will be the last thing you remember from the world out of it.

Cedar hostel is a late-Pahlavi-era structure centred with a small turquoise ceramic pool and fruit trees in each corner of the courtyard. Cedar hosts travellers in its two private rooms and two dorms for different genders with shared bathroom and kitchen. If you wish to have a calm and peaceful stay in the capital of Iran, Cedar is what you look for.

Cedar hostel in the pulsing heart of Tehran

Cedar Appellation

In English cedar is a genus of a coniferous tree, in Persian Cedar consists of two separate parts; Ce meaning the number 30, and Dar which means tree in general as the result Ce+Dar is a poetic phrase of 30 trees occurred to be the name of this loving lodging.

Activities in/out Cedar

You may like to rest on the hammock or read books in a peaceful corner of the yard or join gardening and participate in composting but do not miss the chance of learning about Iranian local dolls that Cedar house is one of the lodgings of them in Tehran.

You can also take a walk to catch the heart of the prime city within 5 minutes and enjoy local life, markets, grand bazaar and loads of important monuments like palaces, historic houses, Iranian Hammam, Zoorkhaneh and mosques altogether.

Cedar hostel dorm room

Who are Cedar's creators?

It is run by two ambitious girls who are working in the tourism field since past 10 years. They are Eco-tourist and international tour guide.

Cedar Hostel amenities:

2 Private rooms consist of 1 king bed and 1 single bed on the second floor with a balcony.

2 dorm rooms on the first floor.

All the rooms and dorms are equipped with air conditioner and clean bed linen, locker, free internet and breakfast. Cedar has a characteristic offer for breakfast. The breakfast is a total bonus with fresh seasonal fruits and different types of homemade jams, cheese and warm Iranian flatbread well-decorated in the plate.

Cedar occurred to have a very nice café inside it that you can take advantage of plenty of delicious choices of it.

Cedar cafe in the hostel

You can book accommodation in Cedar hostel here:

2. See you in Iran Hostel

Located in the centre of the artistic zone of Tehran, See You in Iran hostel is an accommodation for the cultural encounter which is rated by Lonely Planet as Top choice hostel in Tehran. The hostel owns an event-based café run by a team which is made up of eclectic artists experienced cooking in Italy, South Africa and France. The 70-year-old buildings of the hostel are renovated and equipped nicely to make it one of the best places to sleep in Tehran. 

Providing low-budget accommodation, See You in Iran hostel features cultural events using physical space to shape a social life through which travellers can connect to locals and socializing with other tourists.

See You in Iran hostel in Tehran

Café and cultural space

See You in Iran café-bar naming Kojeen is a cosy place on the ground floor hosting cultural events and a physical space for Iranians and foreigners to share information and experience. Kojeen café serves a variety of coffees, traditional Iranian beverages and a variety of vegetarian-friendly sandwiches. The essential spirit of cultural exchange made the hostel welcome travellers who want to share recipes, as a result, Friday brunches event is one of the food events of Kojeen which is held every Friday in the hostel.

Kojeen cafe in See You in Iran hostel

Central location, what is nearby SYI?

See You in Iran in close to the Iranian artists' forum, a lot of private art galleries, the Museum of Contemporary Art, the University of Tehran, the Former U.S. Embassy, famous book bazaars of Enghelab square and various modern cafes. It's 10 minutes walking distance from a big transportation hub and 2 metro stops. In addition, the hostel is approximately 30 minutes away from the most historical attractions of classical Tehran like Golestan palace, the Grand Bazaar, the National Museum of Iran, etc.

The hostel has two buildings both features shared bathrooms.

The 1st building consists of:
2 private rooms
2 dorm rooms
large roof
living room and café
A communal kitchen that is open for use to all guests
Souvenir shop
IndiCraft shop
exhibition wall
The outdoor garden which has berry, fig, pomegranate trees, bamboo cabana, wall bar and swing

And the 2nd building features:

3 Private rooms
2 Balconies
A common area
communal kitchen

See you in iran hostel, private room

See You in Iran hostel amenities:

Free breakfast
3 High-speed Wi-Fi network
individual locker
complimentary tea or coffee in the morning
free towels
blow dryer
storage space
24/7 on-site staff

You can book accommodation in See You in Iran hostel here:

3. Hi Tehran Hostel

Hi Tehran hostels consist of two buildings in the centre parts of the capital. Hi Tehran hostel no.1 started to host travellers all around the world in 2017 in Bahar street which is just 7 minutes walking distance from the haft-e Tir metro station (Line 1) and very close to the Former U.S. Embassy, the Artists' Forum and many more touristic attractions of the city. Hi Tehran hostel no.2 neighbours the most iconic street of Tehran where the Iranian revolution in 1979 reached to its climax in Enghelab Street.

Whether you are a budget backpacker, a solo female traveller and a couple or family with kids, you will enjoy the hostel renovated historical buildings in the masterpoints of the metropolis. 

hi tehran I hostel in Tehran

Hi Tehran Baharestan branch:

Having a spacious garden and parking space, Hi Tehran hostel No.1 offers a great deal for climbers, cyclists, motorbikers, and also travellers with a personal car who need a safe spot for their vehicles and equipment. This hostel features an exceptional offer to budget travellers which makes it a perfect choice for long-term stays. You can enjoy free tea and coffee all day long and use a high-speed Wi-Fi connection at any time in the house.

Hi Tehran Hostel I have two dormitory rooms and four private rooms consist of air conditioning, beautiful and clean mattresses and luggage storage with shared bathrooms. The private rooms and dormitories provide you comfortable beds, working desks and wide windows with the view to the garden.

Hi Tehran hostel private room

Hi Tehran Enghelab branch:

Being in the major city hub with tons of Cafes, restaurants and art centres nearby, the second branch of Hi Tehran hostel comes with a cosy yard and well-decorated rooms to make you home in Tehran. Taking the good access to the city landmarks as your vantage point, you can be sure this accommodation will have your boxes ticked.

Hi Tehran hostel in Enghelab Street has 6 rooms, a gathering area, a study and working room, kitchen and serving space. You can walk to the top museums of Tehran such as Jewelry Museum, National Museum of Iran and main locations to feel the city nightlife in half an hour. The hostel is about a hundred meters away from the historical Ferdowsi Street and the centre of exchange shops.

Hi Tehran II hostel in Tehran

Hi Tehran Hostel amenities

free breakfast
free Wi-Fi network
free tea and coffee during the day
TV room
laundry service
working and studying space
 a small library
free Metro and sightseeing maps

4. Arian Hostel

If you are into the Iranian architecture and history more than modernity and if you wish to get something out of your lodging in Tehran more than a relax and stress free stay in an accommodation then stop searching because Arian hostel with the history of 150 years and the story of being the property of Pahlavan Razzaz who was a champion in Pahlevani and Zoorkhaneh rituals in Tehran in Qajar and Pahlavi era is exactly what can tick your bucket list.

Arian hostel in Tehran

Arian is a boutique hostel located in the pulsing heart of the old Tehran with relatively short distance to the most attractive landmarks like Grand Bazaar, Golestan palace while it is only 10 minutes walking distance to the metro stop.

With the vantage of desirable access to the tourist sites of historic Tehran consists of 8 rooms a courtyard, a roof terrace, a kitchen, dining area, TV room, reception and 12 shared bathrooms and the residents will have enough space to relax and keep their privacy.

Arian hostel rooms

Arian hostel amenities:

free high-speed Wi-Fi
free buffet breakfast
free walking tours
free tea and coffee all day
free bed sheets
free luggage storage

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