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The most Attractive Roads of Iran

The most Attractive Roads of Iran
Photo by Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Iran has a wide natural variety. This diversity of nature has made unique and rare roads in Iran. Mountain roads passing by waterfalls and glaciers, desert roads and coastal roads each are a tourist destination in their own right. Here we are going to introduce the most beautiful and attractive roads in Iran.

1- Chalus Road

One of the most popular roads among the Iranians is the Chalus road. Chalus Road, 163 km long, connects Karaj and Chalus. Built about 86 years ago. The trail crosses mountains that look like canyons. Due to attractions such as stone mountains, lush and foggy landscapes, beautiful views of the Amir Kabir Dam, Karaj and Chalus rivers, the Siah-bisheh Dam and glaciers, in each season this road is absorbing people. Roadside restaurants and resorts allow you to relax by the scenery of the way. In addition to the people who are heading northern cities by this route, there are many people who travel here only to enjoy the attractions on the road itself including Ice Cave, the Dizin Ski Resort, and the Five Brothers rocks on the road. They choose this amazing road as their destination, not only a route to travel.

Chalus Road tehran to Mazandaran
The green landscape over Chalus Road, Unknown

2- Chabahar- Beris Road

In Sistan and Baluchestan province, Chabahar to Beris port path is one of the most amazing roads in Iran. Along the way, you can have a view of the sea beaches created along the road. And the sound of waves crashing on rocky shores can be heard. On the other side of the road, miniature mountains (Martian Mountains) expanded over 50 kilometres to reach the Gwadar port. Also, the pink lake "Lipar" is along this route. Chabahar-Bris road is a tourist attraction route around Chabahar that engages passers-by with its breathtaking scenery and beautiful views of the Oman Sea.

Chabahar- Beris Road Baluchistan
Chabahar - Beris Road, on the left Martian Mountains and on the right the Gulf of Oman, Unknown

3- Asalem- Khalkhal Road

The Asalem-Khalkhal road, which connects the provinces of Gilan and Ardebil, is about 70 kilometres long. It is believed by tourists to be one of the most beautiful forest roads in Iran.

The road starts from the city of Asalem, goes deep into the dense forest. After an hour's drive, you would reach the lush plains with stunning views that are full of colourful flowers in spring. Along the way, you will see flocks of domesticated animals, such as cows, sheep, and horses. The first half of the year is an excellent opportunity to visit this route. If you are on the road to Asalem-Khalkhal at the end of October, you will find a carpet of leaves stretched to the edge of the road and the trees wearing colourful autumn clothes.

Asalem- Khal khal Road, Gilan to Ardabil
From Gilan to Ardabil Province on the Asalem- Khalkhal Road, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

4- Aras- Jolfa Road 

The Aras-Jolfa road is along the 1000 km Aras River. Located on the border between Iran and Armenia, the way runs along the Aras River from Arasbaran to Jolfa. On one side of the road are mountains and forest trees of Iran. On the other side of the Aras River, the Nakhchivan region and the rural houses of Armenia are visible. Sometimes the Iranian border becomes just the Aras River.

The scenery of the beautiful Aras River is spectacular alongside the border villages and cattle that live in the lush plains of the area.

5- Shahdad-Nehbandan Road

Shahdad- Nehbandan is a long desert road that is one of Iran's most unique roads. The way was built in the last decade and connected the historic city of Shahdad to Nehbandan. Crossing this long road is a pleasant journey for those who are interested in the pristine desert scenery. As well as crossing the road at night is along with the dazzling beauty that can only be found in the desert. The Shahdad Kalouts, are among the spectacular views of the road. Full sand and gravel zones of varying colours and hills are just some of the attractions on the way. Autumn early autumn and spring are a good times for desert climbing, and the Shahdad kalouts are one of the most spectacular phenomena in Iran to visit.

Shahdad- Nehbandan Road, Lut Desert
A road that crosses the desert through Shahdad to Nehbandan, Negin Sadeghi | TasteIran

6- Gardaneh Heyran Road

Another fantastic road in the northwest of the country, which runs from the city of Astara to Ardebil, is the astonishing road of Heyran Pass. The 45-minute driving experience on the Heyran road provides an unforgettable sight. The forest-covered mountains and fog seen due to the humidity of the Caspian Sea are astounding. You can also visit the Fandoghlu forest on the trail and buy delicious wild berries from the roadside vendors. If you're looking for fun and excitement, you can go to Heyran Tourism Village and take advantage of the amenities such as Telecabins, sledges, cafes and food courts.

Heyran pass road in Ardabil
The green sight of northwest Iran from Heyran Pass in Ardabil, Unknown

7- Tabas-Khor Biabanak Road

This desert road is on our list because of its otherworldly scene surrounding by salt sea. If you drive at Tabas Road during a winter evening or even autumn, you feel like the road is crossing within the sea. The reflection of light on both sides of the road paints an imaginary sea in front of your eyes. And it's so close to reality that you will not believe that it's the only salt until you touch it. Sights such as sandhills, Ismaili castles, ancient trees, and historic dams multiply the charm of this road.

Tabas Khor Biabanak road, Isfahan Province
The road of Tabas to Khor Biabanak passes through the huge salt lake, Unknown

8- Hajij-Uraman road

The way starts from the beautiful village of Hajij in Kermanshah province and has created an extraordinary scene throughout its magnificent landscape in the west of the country. The strange geometric shape of the way and its steep turns make for a different driving adventure. Even the climate of this road is various, and this is one of its attractions. In some places, you can see green forests, while at higher altitudes, you can see a few meters of snow. Along the road, there are fruit orchards, such as walnut and pomegranate gardens. All of which are in staircase form because of the mountainous area. Along the way, there are restaurants that serve delicious special kebabs of Kermanshah. If you go down this road to the end, you will find views of the mythical Sirvan River and dam, various waterfalls and springs and the most charming overlook to the mountain villages on the slopes of the mountain up to get to Uramanat capital province of Iranian Kurdistan.

Iranian Kurdistan and Hajij Uraman Road
Terraced houses, oak trees and Sirvan River make Hajij Road once in a lifetime road, Hanie Rahmati | TasteIran

9- Do Hezar- Se Hezar Road

Among the most beautiful forest roads of Iran, the Do Hezar-Se Hezar road is on top. These roads start from the city of Tonekabon in Mazandaran province and cross the green and beautiful Hyrcanian forests along the river of the Do Hezar. On this road, you pass tunnels made of tree branches, as well as, trees with green mosses on their spacious trunks decorate this road. The trail also reaches the beautiful area of ​​the Daryasar in the end. In May, Daryasar is full of beautiful yellow flowers and a popular climbing route.

Mazandaran, do hezar, se hezar forest
Through the ultimate green road of the north in Do hezar, Se hezar Road, Ali Pourghorban

10-Mogham's pass Road

The road of Assaluyeh to Bandar-e-Mogham in the south of Iran is so special. The beauty of the way is the height from the sea and the unique view of the azure Persian Gulf. The rocks are also stunningly strange and look like natural sculptures on the side of the road.

It also has the prettiest and most pristine beaches in the west of Hormozgan province which make this route more enjoyable.

Mogham road, Hormozgan province
At the most western side of Hormozgan Province, Gardaneh Mogham Road sparks, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

By Reyhaneh Jafari / TasteIran

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.
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