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Walking Tour Through the Last Craftsmen of Old Shiraz

Walking Tour Through the Last Craftsmen of Old Shiraz

Shiraz Bazaar walk tour | You might be the last one to observe craftspeople of Shiraz repeating a gesture they spent a life to master

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This experience is an intimate encounter with the last craftspeople of Shiraz, a real plunge into the culture and history of the Iranian old industry. It can truly be the highlight of your trip. It’s a unique occasion to be in direct contact with local people and artists who are the last representatives of their skills. Walk between the narrow alleys and into picturesque bazaars, to discover hidden places known only by a few locals.

What you experience
  • Walking in three different directions of the ancient neighborhoods of Shiraz, exploring bazaars and crafts

  • Meeting with sellers and crafts people to be introduced to their work in tiny ancient shops

  • Visiting more than 10 old jobs still alive in the antique shops of ancient city

  • Learning about the life of the city back in times, through the photos and stories of elderly sellers

  • Visiting the impressive architecture of mosques and several ancients building of the 9th century till Qajar era

  • Learning about the legacy of the famous poets, grand Islamic philosophers and scientists  through visiting the old schools of Shiraz

  • Tasting several local desserts, sweets and delicacies, cooked in the traditional shops of hundred years old bakeries

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Oct 5th
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Oct 8th
Oct 9th
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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Shirazi famous desserts, local lunch
  • Transportation: : walking tour starts from "Darvazeh Kazeroon". No transportation is needed during tour
  • Other Services: English spoken guide, tasting several local delicacies
  • Not included: Fees, meals and any activity not stipulated in the itinerary, Tips (optional), Insurance, Transportation during tour
  • Comfortable walking shoes

Start an incredible journey in the ancient neighbou/stories/22/iran-bazaarrhoods of Shiraz. Centuries-old traditions are still alive in the hands of craftspeople, who spent a lifetime mastering their art. They are perpetuating a work forgotten by most people, and you might be the last one to observe them repeating a gesture they spent a life to master.

Splendid tile art in old neighbors of Shiraz
Shiraz is famous for its magical tile works, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

The colourful life of the centuries-old bazaar

Discover the enchanting atmosphere and colourful bazaars. In the oldest market of the city, the attracting arrangement of fresh fishes shipped from the Persian Gulf creates an eye-catching atmosphere, while the voice of merchants promoting their merchandise resonates in the alleys. It's probably the oldest form of advertisement in the world!

Ancient jobs slowly disappearing

Cross the threshold of tiny antique shops to start getting to taste the old jobs in Shiraz. As you wander between the narrow alleys, you can notice that many handicrafts are dedicated to nomads' life: men are sewing "Giveh", a type of handwoven top-shoes, probably the oldest Iranian shoes. Others are making "Kolah-Maali", the art of making traditional hats, with different designs according to the tribes. Don't forget to pay a visit to the last person in Iran who makes handmade “Nagara” instruments in his copper shop, a Middle Eastern drum played by nomads in ceremonies.

Malki douzi, the knowledge of making shoes in Shiraz
"Malki Douzi" is the craft of making traditioanl Iranian shoe, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

The unexpected social life of old times

Back in the time, under the "Chavoshi" Arch, other men made their voices heard: They were singers, announcing the departure and arrival of believers from pilgrimages with religious and poetic singing. At a time where electricity didn't exist, they had a crucial role in the social life of the bazaar and neighbourhood, and the place is still filled with their stories. From there, visit one of the last traditional public baths functioning in Shiraz: In the past, hammam occupied a central place in the life of the inhabitants, who gathered there for different events and celebrations like the birt-giving bath known as " Hammam Zayeman".

Taste traditional delights and foods

All your senses are quickly loaded with sensations, as you're truly experiencing your discoveries. Follow the scents of sugar to taste local delicacies cooked in the traditional oven of a 117-year-old confectionary or traditional Sangak bread in an old enough bakery in heart of the old city. Try "Yukhe", sweet and delicate crunchy bread before enjoying a typical Shirazi tea made out of bitter-orange blossom and of course, it is a must to try the most well-known desert of Shiraz which is "Faloodeh" with different tasteful syrups in a local cosy shop.

Traditional bakery of Shiraz
Sangaki bakery with more than 100 years age of working in the old neighbour of Shiraz, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

At the roots of Iranian handicrafts

There exists a unique place in the city, which is now the centre of local craftworks: This beautiful Qajari house is a piece of art in itself, with the fine tile-painting artwork of its walls. It has been turned into a workshop for artisans and is the best place to be introduced to all the traditional arts of Iran. In a buzzing atmosphere, people are carving musical instruments out of wood, creating “Davat-gari” objects out of metal, or gathering tiny pieces of woods and bones, in geometric patterns according to the technique of Inlay known as “Khatam-Kari” in Farsi...  as well as plenty of other ancestral techniques.

inlay artisans in Shiraz making "Khatam Kari"
"Khatam Kari" students in one of the art houses of Shiraz, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Go a bit further to confront the picturesque "Khan" school with its delicate tile work and architecture, one of the most reputable universities established in the Safavid era and astronomy, botanic, chemistry, Jurisprudence and many sciences were taught there.  Meet the master of woodcraft in his workshop at the corner of school: He's creating "Girih", a mixture of coloured glass and woods cut in pieces, set on a frame with different geometric shapes symmetrically. Several hundred years ago, here Mollah Sadra Shirazi, one of the most famous Islamic philosophers in the world used to teach.

Khan school in Shiraz
Loads of art in Khan school an eye-drop for visitors eyes, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Discover Shiraz more than a rare glimpse

Spend the rest of your day gathering the different parts of the city's history, by visiting mosques, shrines, Church, cemeteries, and furthermore, along with locals. Through their personal stories discover one of the most famous cities of Iran from a unique perspective. At the end of this journey through time and art, it's time to join the festivity and share altogether a delicious Shirazi lunch with the best taste of exploration.

Tile work in an old house in Shriaz
Festivity table demonstrated with tile art in the old city of Shiraz, Amin Karimi | TasteIran


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