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Classic Tehran Walking Tour

Classic Tehran Walking Tour

Old Tehran Walking Tour | Discover classic Tehran through a walking day tour to the ultimate essence of capital city

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Tick all your boxes in the classic Tehran tour which is about mustsee museums, Bazaars, Religions centre, the firsts of the city and country, Old mansions, Bathhouse, tea house, gardens, ancient sports GYM and dozens of stories under each vault of the nostalgic neighbourhood. If you are a traveller of the history and culture in Iran, DON'T SKIP the 200-year-old atypical capital because you are going to pick a sample of all classic route attractions to feel like Alice in a true wonderland.


What you experience
  • Walking through the initial districts of the capital

  • Learning about the history, culture and stories in a pack of one day tour

  • Visiting the most distinguished neighborhoods of old city

  • Finding the essence of the Grand Bazaar, Traditional bath, folk's trace and special quarters

  • Tracing through the religions centre nearby the city core

  • Finding the pathless teahouse, bath house, mosque and holy shrine

  • The local adventure of top-line local cuisines with delectable tastes

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Lunch, Iranian tea
  • Transportation: We provide you a convenient walking tour but in case you prefer to get private transfer or use public transportation the costs are on you
  • Other services: Guided walk of the city, English speaking guide
  • Not included: Entry fee of your chosen museum, travel Insurance,shopping, any extra meals or drinks, entry fees of the museums, tips (optional), transportation from and to your accommodation, personal calls
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • water bottle

In 1786 the founder of Qajar kingdom, Agha Mohammad Khan, chose Tehran as the capital of his dynasty and sat on his throne. Before becoming the capital of Iran, it was in the Safavid time that city transformed from a small village to a newly to-be town at the vicinity of the oldest existing city of the province, Ray.

The initial structure of Tehran was inspired by the number of verses in Quran, the holy book of Muslims by constructing 114 towers to surround the citadel in their arms.

In the walking day tour of Tehran, delve in the core in a one-way circular route to find the most of treasures of Iran’s iconic capital. It is the most native and offbeat day tour Tehran has to offer.

The old Tehran architecture
The contemporary architectural masterpieces of Tehran, Hanie Rahmati | TasteIran


Religions in Tehran

Let's explore off beat synagogues, churches and Zoroastrian fire temple together in the maze of narrow alleys of the busy neighbourhoods. Or in the peaceful corner of the Grand Bazaar, get to see the cosy holy shrines and the glazed tile work and mirrored walls of some mosques in the most silent quarters of the old city. Make your excursion awe-inspiring with various religions' centres which are not noted in any guide book.

Shah Mosque in Tehran Grand Bazaar
The Shah Mosque in Tehran Grand Bazaar, Hanie Rahmati | TsateIran

 The first neighbourhoods of Tehran

This exceptional excursion is a blend of old Tehran's major monuments which are listed by handy guide books or on the wishlist of travel websites with unfamiliar en-route cultural attractions. You will discover the old districts that Tehran officially got to grow from there; Sangelaj, Udlajan Pamenar

Old Tehran, Sgha Khaneh, the pray place
A "Sagha khaneh"or Saqqa Khaneh in Sangelaj quarter for praying and vow, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Highlight Museums

In this walking tour, we encounter a lot of museums and mansions, from the most famous ones to the least known buildings. The BIG 3 of Tehran museums are in our walking route that you choose one of them to pierce in. If you are into the main history around Tehran which started to grow since the Qajar era, Golestan Palace with glittery halls and ceramic works in a garden at the lifeline of the city is perhaps what you can't betake. And here you may come with the passion of seeing the most radiant collection of jewellery in Iran to select the National Jewelry Museum. But then there is the last choice of getting lost in the depth of the National Museum of Iran either in the prehistory section or in the major stories of Iran after Islam in its Islamic part.

badgir mansion in Golestan palace
Badgir building  in Golestan palace, Hani Rahmati | TasteIran

Tehran anthropology and Cultural Zones

By walking in the most iconic neighbourhoods of Tehran and being in the centre of daily local life, the city and its residents welcome you to their underline culture. Get this chance to go far and let be immersed in this warm atmosphere that is real and authentic in its nature.  At the door of symbolic houses or antique shops, you will see the history of the past and the presence of now; the actual life of Tehran to be tasted within a whole day.  

Tehran local life, old capital
Visiting local craftsmen in the classic Tehran tour, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Taste of local Tehran

Having an authentic experience of Tehran has a requisite; it is the local food! Boast your adventure of classic Tehran with this necessity and taste the most native lunch in the grand bazaar or in the building of the first modern bank of Iran, or maybe in the most famous brand of Bazaar, let's choose among this spectrum.

Local food in Tehran Grand Bazaar
The taste of Tehran in the grand bazaar, Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Brief Itinerary:

The tour starts at 8:30 morning in one of the major zones of old Tehran. The first point is Imam Khomeini Sq. After visiting any of the chosen museums, we head toward the grand bazaar, old neighbours and traditional bath. Walking through the old alleys and visiting religious monuments and holy shrines and local museum houses, Teahouse, caravanserai, grocery bazaar, zoorkhaneh and strolling in the main 3 vicinities of old Tehran by stopping at different attractions of them to hear the history and story of them. Having Lunch in a local restaurant in the Bazaar region. In the evening around 6:00, after seeing loads of different attractions and melting in the local life and activities the tour ends.



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