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Celebrate Yalda Night, the Longest Night of the Year

Celebrate Yalda Night, the Longest Night of the Year

Yalda night Festival | Celebrate the longest night of the year in a remarkable Iranian feast

5 hours
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Are you interested in celebrating the longest night of the year with local people in Iran?

Gather together with a group of actual Iranians to hold the feast of winter arrival and rebirth of the sun. Set the Yalda table with handmade tablecloths, design over the table with different fruits, nuts, snacks and Iranian poem books and Shahnameh. Listen to the stories of ancient Persia and get to know about the national myths. Live a whole long night in a genuine atmosphere and feel like home by sharing your being in the warm Iranian night. 

What you experience
  • Gather with the local people in the last night of the fall at a traditional house or a local eco-lodge

  • Get to know about the stories, rituals, activities and foods of Yalda ceremony in an authentic setting

  • Taste local food, sweets, nuts, and delicacies of Yalda eve

  • Take part in special Yalda rites, read best of Iranian poems, get to hear the Iranian mythical stories

Location & Paths
  • Meal: Special dinner, Tea, Cookies and delights, nuts and seasonal fruits
  • Not included: Accommodation, Transportation
  • There is nothing required to bring except your sense of joy

The victory of goodness over the demon

In ancient times, Iranians realized that the last night of Autumn is the longest night of the year. The upcoming nights become shorter in length gradually. In a way that they named the longest night of the year the "Sun's birth-night" to be a symbol of the light overcomes the darkness. Since then the longest night of the year named Yalda which means "birth" and "birthday". And whose birthday it can be rather than the sun and its advent in winter.

Yalda is a reason to be together 

In the past, people celebrated Yalda since sunset until the sunrise on the first day of winter. But now it is just about the evening of the last day of Autumn till midnight. All family members, friends and relatives get to gather in the elderly's houses to make a happy and joyful evening and set a memorable feast full of taste and warmth.

Celebrate this nearly 8000 years old Iranian spiritual heritage with us in every part of Iran in the most authentic way. You can choose your favourite city or special ritual or ask for a tailored experience which we will prepare according to your desire.

Participating in this experience, you can appreciate this event with local people, in the cities of:

  • Tehran
  • Kashan
  • Qom
  • Qazvin
  • Isfahan
  • Yazd
  • Taft
  • Ardakan
  • Shiraz
  • Birjand
  • Ardabil
  • Your requested city
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