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Public Transportation in Iran; How to Use It?

Public Transportation in Iran; How to Use It?
Photo by Amin Karimi | TasteIran

Public transportation in Iran is cheap and efficient, so nothing is simpler than getting around the country on your own. And the way you choose to travel will colour your daily experiences on your trip.

Iran has a range of different means of transport that you can use during your vacations. All cities have their own network of buses, and sometimes subway. It’s also very common and easy to take a taxi in Iran. Try a shared one to take advantage of the city like a real local, or enjoy the convenience of a private taxi hailed on the street or booked online.

It’s time to go to the next destination? Take a local “Savaris” to reach the small town nearby, or enjoy the comfort of a “VIP Bus” to cover more kilometres. If you prefer to lie down in a real bed and travel during your sleep, do not hesitate: get on board a train! Or maybe you’d better head toward the airport to take a flight: it’s the best choice if you don’t have much time to travel to Iran and nevertheless want to visit many different cities.

So, if you enjoy travelling public transportation and want to use them in the smartest way, don't miss reading this article!

Take Taxis in Iran

Nothing is easier than getting a taxi in Iran, so it’s often the most convenient way to get around. It’s rather cheap and there is a popular culture of shared-taxi that Iranians use daily. You can find taxis in every city, at any time of the day or the night.

There are several kinds of taxis, whether they are private or shared. Taking taxis in Iran is not only convenient; it’s also a unique experience during your trip, and often an opportunity for nice encounters and chats. But first, introduce yourself to the different options available.

Use Buses and Subways in Iranian cities

Mastering public transportation in Iran is quite easy. It’s a clever way to avoid traffic, and thus saving lots of time… and also money! All cities, from small ones to the capital Tehran, have buses, whether it’s vintage minibuses or modern fast lines.

Five main cities also have a metro network. In Tehran, it’s really convenient and easy to navigate on the five metro lines, which go as far as Karaj and Imam Khomeini Airport.

Travel between cities in Iran via Public Transportation: VIP Buses, Train and Savaris 

Travelling on your own, throughout Iran, with public transportation is a piece of cake! There are many options for trains and buses. Those latter are most appreciated by travellers. Indeed, “VIP” buses are extremely comfortable, cheap, flexible and safe! Tickets are easy to book and buses between main cities are numerous each day.

Another option to travel while enjoying the landscape is the train. Even though they are not faster, they offer a highly comfortable trip by day and night.

Travel with Domestic Flights in Iran

If you travel to Iran for a few days, then flying is the best choice for you. Iran is a huge country, three times the size of France for instance. That’s why travelling by plane can be a real time-saver. It’s rather cheap and easy to book tickets for any destination inside the country. Travelling by plane might be the most convenient option for travellers who want to save time. Domestic flights in Iran are cheap and almost every destination is reachable by plane, extending the possibilities of your trip. You can book your Iran domestic flight here in a few minutes.


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