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Tehran Self Walking Tour of Discovering Mirza's Patterns

Tehran Self Walking Tour of Discovering Mirza's Patterns

Tehran walking tour of Mirza Hamid's graphics | The mysterious paintings you would see on the walls or doors of Tehran if you are lucky, or you can put some time into discovering the conceptual figures.

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You are about to start a surprising treasure hunt in the streets of Tehran, on the track of the mysterious paintings made by the street artist Mirza. Challenge yourself in this experience, which blends art, history, culture, and modern life. Thanks to the detailed map provided, found out the secret locations of Mirza Hamid's enigmatic patterns, to discover their stories and appreciate the work of this great artist.

At the same time, explore, on foot, the Iranian capital as if you were a true Tehrani. Chasing these hidden canvases leads you in several parts of the city, including District 12, the old and most popular neighborhood. Visit at your own rhythm, famous landmarks as well as old forgotten places, before relaxing in one of the capital's best coffee shops and restaurants.

What you experience
  • A challenging walk through Tehran searching for Mirza's mysterious patterns on the walls and doors

  • Reading the some stories behind some of Mirza's paintings

  • Discovering the work of this Iranian artist

  • Get to know the old Tehran, its famous landmarks and hidden places

  • Visiting monuments and museums at your own rhythm and taste

  • Having lunch, drinks and coffee in a selection of the trendiest places

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Location & Paths
  • A detailed map of Mirza’s painting locations, along with historical sights and museum.
  • Read some stories of Mirza’s artwork
  • No accommodation and food, but we will recommend you the best places to eat and drink on the map.
  • Not included: Entry fee for the sites and landmarks. Transportation.
  • Appropriate shoes for walking
  • A sense of art and a passion for discoveries

On some aspects, Mirza reminds us of the famous street artist Banksy. Like its British counterpart, he likes to stay in the shadow, wrapped in mystery, speaking through his art only. His iconic paintings, mostly representing human figures, convey a message of peace and unity, recalling us that we are all the same humans being, wherever we come from.

Mirza's poetic patterns sink into Tehran's background throughout the city. Painted on the walls and doors, these specific shapes and colors invite the passerby to open its eyes and switch its focus. Following the instructions on your map, go with the artist into different neighborhoods of the city center: discover the heart of the city from Valiasr Street, its spine, to the popular district 12 of Grand Bazaar.

The artistic life of the city, from the streets to the museums

Appreciate the artsy spirit of Tehran by chasing the painted murals near Teatr-e Shahr. Along with the locations, we provide you with some stories behind Mirza’s, as well as many historical and architectural information on your path.

Learn about the buzzing cultural life of Tehran at the Iranian Artists Forum, close by the iconic frescoes of the former US Embassy, now turned into a museum. If you are eager to know more about the artistic life, then head toward the Contemporary Art Museum. Or simply relax in its garden, Laleh Park, the lungs of the city.

Follow Mirza's step into the old neighborhoods of Tehran

On your quest, you have the opportunity to rest and admire several other beautiful green areas, such as the delicate Negarestan Garden and its exceptional atmosphere. If you are more into museums and historical buildings, you will have your share, from Masoudieh Palace to the National Jewelry Museum.

Eventually, your walk gets you closer to the Grand Bazaar and Golestan Palace, which can be the ending point of your journey. Before that, one last Mirza's painting gives you the chance to discover one of the oldest streets in Tehran with its Sufi Mosque.

Taste the capital as a real Tehrani

Between two discoveries, don't miss your chance to observe the real Tehrani's life, by drinking a wonderful Iranian sherbet in an elegant cafe, or tasting an Armenian pastry in a hundred years old cafe. For lunch, make your choice between modern and authentic Persian cuisine, among our best recommendations. Before grabbing your map again, and heading toward more adventures!

Make your quest interactive

How many of mentioned ones have you found? Try to find as many hidden art pieces as possible, and share your experience on social media with. Collect pictures and locations throughout the city, and use the Hashtag #TasteIran and #MirzaPainting to access to more surprises.

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.