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Walking Tour in Treasures of Shiraz Old City

Walking Tour in Treasures of Shiraz Old City

Shiraz old city walk tour | Travel to the past in Shiraz to discover a tangible link between yesterday's history and today's art

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The walls and streets of Shiraz have thousand years of history to recall to the visitor. Cross the threshold of some of the most beautiful traditional houses, admire historical monuments, and walk into the old neighborhood of the city to taste its unique atmosphere.

The city of flowers and nightingale has kept its authentic spirit alive, in the alleys of the market as well as the intimacy of old mansions, turned into modern museums, art galleries, and pleasant cafes. They are a tangible link between yesterday's history and today's art, still practiced by passionate craftspeople who carry on, under the visitor's eyes, the tradition of Persian handicrafts.

What you experience
  • Walking in the old neighborhood of Shiraz

  • Learning about the Qajar architecture in beautiful historical houses

  • Discovering the ancient life of the city, through stories 

  • Observe and learning the  process of making several Persian handicrafts

  • Visiting the amazing Holy Shrine with its mesmerizing mirror ceilings

  • Enjoying a refreshment in an ancient mansion turned into a quiet cafe

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Lunch, coffee or tea in a traditional cafe
  • Other services: English guided-tour
  • Not included: Entrance fees other than the places originally included, Insurance, Tips, Extra meal, snacks, and drinks
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • Sunglasses
  • Water bottle

Travel to the past in Shiraz, to discover where and how people lived nearly 200 years ago. Under the Qajar dynasty, the city of poets turned into a masterpiece of arts and architecture, to become the jewel we can now appreciate.

Qajar architecture in Shiraz old house
A nook of peace bedecked with beauty and art in Shiraz, Nadia Badiee | TasteIran

The marvelous mirrored mosque

Start this experience with the resplendent Shah Cheragh Shrine, one of the most emblematic sights of Shiraz. It’s a showcase of the finest Iranian arts and ornaments. Raised seven centuries ago, this holy place welcomes more than 4000 people each Friday for the noon prayer. The delicate blue dome and its two golden minarets greet the visitor, soon in awe in front of the painted-tiles covering each parcel of the walls. Stepping into the Shrine is a dazzling experience: the geometric mirror mosaics on the walls and ceiling are the best example of this typical Persian craft.

The excellence of Qajar architecture

Enter the old town of Shiraz to be filled with its unique atmosphere. In the maze of its narrow alleys can be found several well-preserved traditional houses, real treasures of the Qajar era. Visit the house of a successful local businessman of the 19th century: this is a splendid manifestation of the typical Persian architecture, with its intimate inner courtyard and its incredible walls covered with seven-colors mirrors. In the basement, it nowadays hosts a private music museum.

Shiraz old architecture
The Architecture of old Shirazi house, Nadia Badiee | TasteIran

Walk into the old and narrow streets to discover another wonderful traditional house. This hidden gem has two quiet courtyards full of trees and flowers. Its interior is lavishly decorated, and teach the visitor a lot about families and women's life during that era. Next to a photo gallery portraying the ancient life of Shiraz, is a valuable collection of modern art.

Iranian house in Shiraz
city of poets turned into a masterpiece of arts and architecture, Nadia Badiee | TasteIran

The house of Persian handicrafts

In this ancient neighborhood exists another traditional house, which is one a of akind. This place is not only an architectural masterpiece from the old times. It's also a unique workshop for Iranian artists. Apprentices are learning precise gestures along with skilled craftspeople. There, visitors can observe the manufacturing of the best Persian handicrafts: the meticulous "Khatam Kari", a type of marquetry on wooden and metallic articles; "Monabat Kari", a woodcarving technique; as well as ceramic, glass and mosaic works.

Shirazi Khatamkari (Inlay)
 Shirazi Khatam Kari or Inlay, Nadia Badiee | TasteIran

Life's going on, in the old market of Shiraz

In the heart of these tiny lanes, discover an ancient and yet buzzing market: Fruits, herbs, vegetables, spices, and nuts display a colourful pattern over the stalls. This is the only daily vegetable market in Shiraz, and it reminds us of the time when people had to shop for their groceries every day. Today, Shirazi still comes to buy fresh fish brought each morning directly from the Persian Gulf.

Local market of Shiraz old city
The local market of old neighbour in Shiraz, Nadia Badiee | TasteIran

End this experience by relaxing in an old mansion turned into a peaceful cafe. Sit by the pool of its traditional courtyard to be transported into times. Enjoy drinking a fresh Iranian sherbet while contemplating the delicateness of Persian arts and architecture.

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