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Tehran Family Trip

Tehran Family Trip

Tehran tour with family | Trip in Tehran with your family and kids

8 hours
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Pack your bags right away to explore the cosmopolitan metropolis of Iran full of fun-filled interactive activities by a customized outing with your children. This tour takes you through the royal palaces and old architectures of the streets, bazaar, park and cafes of Tehran to enjoy the quality time together. Tehran family trip is designed considering age-appropriate experiences so kids and adults can take part alike. Having a professional team tailor amenities and gateways, you are not alone; we are there to connect you with the best of Tehran.

What you experience
  • Visiting the UNESCO-listed palace of Qajar in a family itinerary

  • Experiencing the process of making seven-colored tiles in a workshop to receive your own tiles in a couple of days

  • Exploring Tehran grand bazaar and learning about traditional crafts and architecture of bazaar

  • Having a delectable lunch in one of the best and first restaurants in old district in bazaar

  • Birdwatching with your kids and family in the heart of the metropolis and its first modern park

  • Seeing an Indigenous show in a cosy café and taking part in the performance along with the children

  • Walking and watching the city nightlife in a famous street Tehrani people come to enjoy street food and night chat

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Location & Paths
  • Meals: Homemade snack and traditional Iranian tea, Iranian soup (Ash)
  • Transportation: This tour is designed as a walking tour so we can arrange transportation from your lodge and back
  • Other Services: Horse-drawn carriage ride in old paved streets of Tehran, English guided tour of the city, an expertise educator who will be with your kids and teenagers during the tour to let them learn the most out of this experience, facilities to introduce kids to the history and culture, birdwatching guide and gears
  • Excluded: Visa and travel insurance, international and domestic flights ,Tips (Optional), extra services not indicated in the itinerary, meals and drinks not mentioned in the itinerary, entry fee of not stipulated monuments, cost of medical immunizations, phone calls
  • Comfortable walking shoes
  • water bottle
  • Personal belongings
  • a small bag
  • Your personal glass, fork and spoons (

Family outing in the royal palaces

Tehran is home to a great number of historical collections embellished the 200-year-old capital city. The most populous city in western Asia is one of the safest global cities in the world with a predominant cultural character to find.

From one of the first civilized streets of the city receive a joyful carriage ride toward Golestan palace. Catch a glimpse of Qajar royalty, the founders of capital Tehran in their glittering palatial complex and garden. While you are visiting the historical buildings and antique remains of Qajars, your kids can enjoy playing some reality games being designed considering enlightening activities with the tour executive kids guide in the palace area and get familiar with the historical architecture and design of the site. Or they can be visiting the site with you along with the tour guide in specific child-friendly excursion.

Make your sign on coloured tiles

Beholding the magnificent and colourful tiled-walls of Golestan palace, you will start an adventure with colourful tiles like an artisan in company with all your family in the place. With the guide of a ceramic master learn about seven-colour tiles, the technique and procedure of making these pieces of delicacy then design and colour your version of coloured tiles. This is an activity you will never forget, an idea to add sense and joy to your smaller travellers' experience alike yours. Your tiles will be ready after two days being fired in the kiln and sent to you as a memoir upon your request.

Designing coloured tiles in Golestan Palace
Learn to design seven-coloured tiles with your family and kids, Melika Alami | TasteIran

Explore old bazaar and architecture

Embark on a bazaar trip passing through the brick vaults, old stores and absorbing sellers and craftsmen, Tehran Grand bazaar make you feel travelling in the time. Every different part of the bazaar has an interesting thing to reveal for you.

Eat it up

Unwind in one of the best and well-known restaurants in bazaar district and take some well-deserved downtime. Treat you to the Iranian lunch with traditional cuisines.

Birdwatching with kids and the whole family

Right after delicious lunch in bazaar we set forth toward the first modernized park of Iran and Tehran once used to be a private lush garden of Nasir al-Din Shah of Qajar located in Sangelaj neighbourhood as one of the oldest districts Tehran began to expand from. The birding activity with all gears and a birdwatching guide will open up your child's world to the wonder. Being to watch the migrating or residing bird spices and listening to their singing in the 24th populous metropolis in the world is of a kind of experience that actual Tehranis barely know of its existence. We tailored some games in a mix of adventure and education for the kids to learn about the importance of birds and the environment as little global conservationists.

Drink tea and entertain

Leaving the park and birding activity behind, it is time for some rest and tea with the flavour of Iranian local show. In a nice café settle to drink a cup of Iranian tea and unleash your fatigue seeing a live show naming Ruhouzi or Siah bazi. This ancient play used to be as an indigenous theatre being performed in the courtyard of Iranian houses in wedding parties or special events. Enjoy seeing the original comic show and be welcomed to take part in it while your kids most likely crave for.

Nightlife on street paving

With using the least of labour get to the lively nightlife of Tehran in the short distance of the café and take the ideal time to watch the daily life of local people outing after a working day or weekend merging with the light and colour and the manic smells of delicious street foods and pleasure of youths. This is how the family must be tripped; with a renewed sense of wonder and a larger world to live in.

Brief Itinerary

The tour starts at 10 in the morning in Imam Khomeyni square or the beginning of Naser Khosrow st. where you will meet with the guide and CEO. After visiting Golestan palace and ceramic workshop, experiencing tile craft we will have a snack and continue to see Tehran grand bazaar to get familiar with crafts and jobs in the old bazaar by visiting ancient stores and learning about the details of Iranian architecture in the bazaar. Having traditional lunch in one of the most famous and old restaurants of bazaar we go to the first park of the city Park-e Shahr for birdwatching and photography. Take some rest in a traditional café drinking the Iranian tea and play local games together in the cosy coffee shop and at last, enjoy seeing a live performance which is one of the Iranian traditional shows naming Siah Bazi and children can even take part in the show and get gifts. The tour becomes to an end strolling in the vivid Si-e Tir street which is the best location to see Tehran's nightlife and enjoy street food offers of mobile cafes.

No part of this content including texts, photos, and itinerary may be republished or distributed in any form or by any means without the prior written permission and referring to TasteIran.